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Apr 17, 2007 08:30 AM

Recommend 3 Restaurants in Vegas (100-125PP, including alcohol)

I'm going to Vegas in late June and will be staying at the TI. I was hoping for some recommendations for dinner. I'm hoping for some recommendations on the strip as we will not have a car. Also how soon should I make a reservation (we're staying from Sunday until Friday).

Thanks all!!

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  1. Type of food and alcohol you'd like would help to narrow down the suggestions.

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    1. re: Eugene Park

      Steak (leaning towards Craftsteak)
      Eclectic (maybe seafood? cajun? mexican? I like all kinds of food and trying new things)
      Alcohol. VodkaMartinis/Wine/GoodBeer. I like it all really. I'm from NYC so there's lots of variety out here.

      Is Isla in the TI any good? We'll be staying there.


      1. re: dosteov

        Isla at TI is great!!! My husband and I are Mexican and we love that place. It is Mexico City style food, they even put epazote in their beans. I highly recommend the food and the sangria pretty good too!

        1. re: mrszondo

          I ate at Isla my last time in Vegas and it was very good. The margaritas were stout and tasty. It was late so I opted for a lighter combo of the corn soup (creamy, sweet, and decadent) along with the chicken quesadillas (more like an empanada but very tasty, not too cheese heavy). Coming from Texas (Austin to be exact) our group knows good mexican/texmex/etc. Everyone enjoyed their dishes.

        2. re: dosteov

          For French, consider Bouchon in the Venetian; you do have Per Se in NYC, but Bouchon is a more reasonable price point and is very good, with a nice room. Craftsteak gets great reviews on the board; I only ate there once, a few years ago, and wasn't wowed, but need to give it another chance. I did just eat at BOA steakhouse in the Forum Shops and it was fabulous...very cool space, outdoor patio available, and all prime steaks; the bone in ribeye was fantastic, and the rest of the food was excellent. For eclectic, you might consider Okada in the's got great sushi, but also wide variety of other items, including small grill plates. It's a beautiful room and they also have a wide variety of the Korean "vodka" shoju.
          After dinner, the club at the Wynn, Tryst, is right downstairs.

      2. You also may want to try Andre's at the Monte Carlo.

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        1. re: Eric

          If you like Alaskan King Crab Leg, I'd go to The Tillerman.
          The food/service/wine is all first class. The lazy susan salad is unique. They actually come to the table and crack the crab legs for you and place the meat on the plate for you. The chocolate souffle is decedent. If you go make reservactions.

          1. re: ljt064

            "The chocolate souffle is decedent" Hmmm...that WOULD be death by chocolate!

          2. re: Eric

            We wanted to try the food at Andre's when we stayed at Monte Carlo a couple of months ago. The food looked and smelled delicious. Unfortunately, we never got that far. We had very bad service. The waiter spilled 1/4 of a very expensive bottle of wine ($125) and expected us to just be ok with that. The manager came out and was so rude and confrontational that we felt uncomfortable eating anything that came out of the kitchen for obvious reasons. Hope others have better luck.

          3. For the vodka martinis, I'd recommend Red Square at Mandalay Bay. I was there 2 weeks ago, and I loved it. I didn't have any food there, just sat at the bar. They have a very extensive vodka selection, all kept refrigerated. They have a multi-page martini menu. Now, I like my vodka "as is", on the rocks. I was able to sample some marvelous vodkas that I can't find here in Utah. The favorite was one called "Zyr", from Russia. They also has this one called "Pink". Not an outstanding taste, but it has guarana and caffine in it, so it's kind of like a Red Bull martini without the Red Bull :-)

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            1. re: scabbardgirl

              I heard they have a freezer you can do tastings in as well where they give you huge coats & such???

              1. re: ccl1111

                Yes, they do. A couple of groups did it while I was there. I don't know how you get to do it. The coats were big furs things, and they also had fur hats to wear. Everyone I saw go in came out very happy :-)

            2. Nice yet casual, hip, killer cocktails, hot staff, great steaks, incredible food all around.


              1. Smith and Wollensky ... Buffet @ the Ballagio / Nobu @ the Hard Rock Hotel (these are no brainers I PROMISE!) ... @ Nobu you MUST try the chef's tasting menu @ S and W it's the Pork Shank