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Apr 17, 2007 07:59 AM

San antonio restaurants please help

Looking for 2 trendy hip spots in San Antonio with very good food. Will be in town this Friday and Saturday Night. Can you help?

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  1. Biga on the Banks - on the river walk, great food

    Liberty Bar - funky space and people,

    Bourdo's - also on the river walk

    Le Reve - very upscale, trendy in that it is among the top restaurants in the country, but not hipster (guys wear suits)

    1. Check out Silo (the original is off of Austin Hwy and they just opened up another near Stone Oak Pkwy). It is the place to be right now. Also, check out Cafe Paladar in Stone Oak area. If your downtown, I agree with previous poster on Biga, Boudro's, and Le Reve.

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        Good luck getting a reservation at La Reve on short notice. I drove by the 1604 Silo's last night-extremely crowded but should be great if food matches original location. All recs are great, would add Bin 555, Azuca/Pasion (depending if you're downtown or Northside) and the Lodge at Castle Hills if you want a little more formal. All have websites.