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Apr 17, 2007 07:36 AM

Coffee / Dessert - Financial District

Any recommendations for a nice place to have coffee / dessert downtown Toronto somewhere within walking distance of Union station (south of Dundas at least)?

Much appreciated,
Aidan Wan

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  1. Do you have a price range? I've heard dessert is nice at Perigee and Canoe, if price is not an issue.

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      1. re: Aidan

        I'm trying to think of a place to go (in the financial district) for desserts low-mid range and at the moment nothing sticks out in my head. If I think of anything I'll report back. If you can go to Leslieville, you can try Barrio, or Kubo Radio. I am not crazy about Kubo Radio's regular food, but I've had good desserts there.

    1. Solferino Café, 38 Wellington St E is nearby. Their gelato is yumyum good -- lulo is my favourite falvour.

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        I'm not an ice cream fan, but I'm hooked on Solferino. Especially the dulce de leche and ferrero roche flavours. They have a few non-gelato desserts as well, but they're the standard Dufflet's offerings you can get anywhere, so I always go for gelato there.

        Acqua at BCE Place makes some nice desserts, too, and they're very handy to Union Station.

      2. Try B at Queen and Jarvis..Great coffee and deserts..They also have excellent food under $10.

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        1. re: tasoid

          B does close early around 5pm.. Try it for lunch, I would easliy put it on par with Terroni.