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Otto or La Laterna Caffe

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I am taking my fiance out for a nice inexpensive birthday dinner on Friday. Which option would you recommend between Otto or La Laterna Caffe?

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  1. Otto. Save room for the olive oil gelato

    1. I haven't been to La Laterna, but Otto is great.

      1. Havenot been to La Laterna. Otto: food is fine for what it is, service excellent, nice vibe.

        1. Otto. I've been to both. (La Lanterna's savory menu isn't very good IMO.) But have a glass of grappa at La Lanterna after.

          1. I'd vote Otto, as well.We wrote about it this past week, in fact. Just be prepared for a long wait.


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            1. Definitley Otto! I love that place! Just expect very disorganized service, but thats just the way that place is! Definitely save room for the Olive Oil gelato! its the best part!

              1. Otto...hurry and make a reservation...very popular...NEVER miss this place when we are in NY....pizzas are excellent and gelato is to die for...Veggies also very good...Have never had anything but great service...Great wine recommendations...Hmmm....Adore Otto's