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Apr 17, 2007 07:34 AM

Boston's Best Neighborhood Spots

What are Boston's(Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline) best mid-priced, HIGH QUALITY, restaurants? I'm talking about the kind of place you can go to 2-3 times a week. A place that has a nice environment and great food & drinks. There seems to be a shortage in the city.

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  1. I'll start: Silvertone. Excellent "upscale" comfort food, great bar, best wine prices around.

    1. To me, the ultimate neighborhood spot in the Boston area is C.F. Donovan's in Savin Hill (Dorchester). The food is excellent, the menu is varied, the owner is always there (and seems to know everyone!), the waitstaff is friendly and efficient, and the people who go there typically live in and around the neighborhood and are repeat customers.

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        I was there last Wednesday, had the new pan roasted cod which was great and saw the Phantom Gourmet taping. I heard they got a new chef and the food has been outstanding. I am planning on going on Friday and will post how it was.

      2. I'm a huge Good Life fan. I often go multiple times a week for drinks and apps.

        1. Some Cambridge joints that fit the bill are the bar at Chez Henri, Plough & Stars, Atwood's, West Side Lounge (although not sure who is cooking there now), and Green Street (also preferrably--for me--at the bar). The Independent in Union Square, Somerville, can be quite good. All are establishments with lots of local character.

          1. There are apparently some issues with the menu and kitchen currently -- the former is just a bit too ambitious for the latter, I suspect -- but Deep Ellum is striving for that neighborhood feel for Allston. And they deserve special credit for not catering to the college crowd.

            There are really people who go to the same restaurant two or three times a week? Huh.

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              I can't imagine going to the same restaurant two or three times a week (I'd get bored pretty quickly), but I do know people who do that. Maybe it's the comfort/familiarity thing. I tend to go to O'Sullivan's maybe three times a month, and that's the place I hit most often. If I went there three times a week, I'd be in even worse shape than I am.

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                Well, part of the issue is that I think there's a lot of folks here who pretty much never dine at home. I was a breakfast regular at Centre Street Cafe in JP for a couple of years, but even that was a matter of eating there one morning somewhere between weekly and biweekly. We both cook a lot, and up until recently weren't really free to go out every week, let alone two or three nights a week.

                Just our new project of eating out in Allston every week is a big increase in our dining-out activity and a bit of a challenge - add in a trip downtown to a movie plus dinner, or anything like that, and we start to have trouble keeping up with the fresh food in the fridge. When the CSA kicks in in summertime, it's really a problem!