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Apr 17, 2007 06:49 AM

thai green chili paste recipes in Greece

I am looking for recipes with Thai Green Chili paste, my mother sent me a jar, however I am unable to find any Asian markets here that have a lot of the ingredients in traditional/authentic Thai food, and fear I would not be able to serve a full Thai meal for a dinner party. I would like to introduce flavors that my Greek guests are not accustomed to so I am thinking about a mix of Mediterranean/Asian flavors? Is this crazy? Doable? Fusable? Your thoughts and/or suggestions.

PS: I have an excellent Thai Green Chili chicken curry recipe and could use this, but what to put with it? Some sort of stuffed leaves?


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  1. you could include eggplant, green peppers and onions for a pretty basic green thai curry.

    serving your chicken curry with a simple rice would be fine, maybe a brown rice for variety. or a rice done with cilantro or green onions for flavour.