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Best Butcher, fishmonger, baker, etc. in Baltimore?

jp4401 Apr 17, 2007 05:53 AM

So as a regular in house iron chef, I would like to find really good places to get food. Where can I find people with such knowledge of their craft besides what you learned in a 20 min orientation. So were are the best butchers, fishmongers, bakers, cheese somethingers, and produce people in Baltimore ? And other people you think would help me be a in house gourment chef for my family.

  1. ko1 May 19, 2007 08:27 AM

    For fish, Faidley's in Lexington Market is the best. Great soft crabs right now.

    1. r
      Roland Parker May 17, 2007 06:56 AM

      There is no one best of everything market in Baltimore. For meat I favor my neighborhood market, Eddies' of Roland Park, which has one of the best butchers in Baltimore. The store has two meat counters, one carries good quality meat, but the second (the remnant of the old Victor's) probably has the best meat in the city, including prime beef. Cirello at Belvedere has good meat but it is not any better than Eddies' meat counter.

      I have never been particularly impressed by Whole Food's meats, and the produce is good enough for the off season, especially when the farmers' market dries up during the winter. But I find Wegman's produce to be just as good as WF and at half the price as well. Wegmans has the largest cheese selection in the region and a decent bakery to boot (though not at the same league as Patisserie Poupon or Bonaparte). Wegman's has a large seafood counter, which has never disappointed me. I split my grocery shopping between Eddies and Wegman's, and eat superbly well.

      1. amethiste May 16, 2007 06:02 PM

        I second the Han Au Reum (or H-Mart) recommendation for produce and seafood. I also second the Patisserie Poupon rec. Disclosure: I worked there for 3 years. They have excellent croissant and breakfast pastries as well as cakes, cookies and individual pastries. Their mini pastries are great to order for a party.

        1. b
          bkath May 2, 2007 10:22 AM

          Agree with vespa re Belvedere Square, probably the best place to find everything in one setting at least on the mid/east side. I didn't trust Ceriello for a long time, till the guys from Mastellone's started working there, now I'm more likely to buy Italian stuff there; meats are a little pricey tho esp the beef. The market also has a smokery which is definitely unique. B Square is also where I head for fish when I want the best I've never been disappointed, altho glad to hear the Fells Point market fish stall is still good. I heard there was an upgrade planned for that market? My problem is I usually don't have time to go to multiple markets in an after-work swoop so tend to go to Whole Foods, probably more than their quality warrants altho the meats are generally good (better at the inner harbor store).

          I've heard about the market at this link from a few people but have yet to try it, now it's back on my screen maybe I'll get there:
          anyone else tried it?

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          1. re: bkath
            Hal Laurent May 2, 2007 11:34 AM

            I hadn't heard of that Mill Valley place...thanks for the heads-up! I also don't have unlimited time to drive all over the place to gather provisions, but this place isn't too far from me.

            1. re: bkath
              aussiewonder May 2, 2007 01:44 PM

              I've been to Mill Valley and if what you are looking for is good fresh produce...i'd hold off. Although, it was in the early stages when i was there. I don't think they get sufficient traffic to warrant large stock, so it seems to be a bit hit and miss; some days there's plenty and some days, there's plenty that looks like it's been sitting.
              This Sunday the JFX market opens (7am - 12); its under the JFX between Falls way and Saratoga - opposite Sonar nightclub. There's a big spread in this month's Urbanite magazine. I've found the produce there to be consistent and good value for $. Plus, its a great social time on sunday mornings.
              Incidentally, i bought fish from Lex Market last week and it was NOT good. Didn't seem as fresh as it could be. For reasons mentioned (one fell swoop), i also tend to hit Wholefoods for meat and fish.
              Oh, BTW there's a new farmers market opening on the slip street behind Sylvan Learning Centre this weekend - i believe Saturday. It's their first. It's along the water way where Living Classroom's dock's thier boats.

              1. re: aussiewonder
                lainamalone May 2, 2007 02:21 PM

                I second the recc. for the Waverly Farmer's Mkt.,...probably a lot of the same vendors that are at the JFX one (although a day earlier, and thus a day fresher?). One Straw Farm/CSA has an excellent stall, and the produce in general is pretty wonderful, with a nice mix of hardcore organic farmers and more traditional local farms. Atwater's also peddles its bread.

                Thing about Baltimore is, unless you succumb to the charms of excellent-but-overpriced chains like WholeFoods/Wegmans, I think you have to resign yourself to 'hounding out little, scattered places that you only learn of from other people/seridipitiously, and which inevitably involve getting in your car and driving somewhere...oh for a Zabar's or Fairway!

                Slightly off-topic, has anyone checked out the alleged "farmer's market" in that
                new(ish) gardening supplies/biodiesel place on 28th st. just before the Jones Falls? I poked in there just after it had opened, and was not impressed, but maybe it's improved?

                1. re: lainamalone
                  bitey May 2, 2007 02:53 PM

                  Give Milly Valley another chance. I believe One Straw has a stand inside and they provide the produce. Trickling Springs has a plethora of dairy products available. The Curry Shack allows you to pre-order entrees - at a discount. Zeke's is there as well as Chow Baby (pet store). I believe the goal of Mill Valley is to support local/community businesses. Also, the herbs and flowers are great (much cheaper than other places) and the staff is super knowledgeable.

                2. re: aussiewonder
                  Hal Laurent May 2, 2007 03:44 PM

                  "Oh, BTW there's a new farmers market opening on the slip street behind Sylvan Learning Centre this weekend - i believe Saturday. It's their first. It's along the water way where Living Classroom's dock's thier boats."

                  If anyone knows any more details about this one I'd like to hear it. Very close to home for me. This might not be the best weekend for them to open, though, what with possible traffic disruptions from the Visionary Arts Museum's Kinetic Sculpture Race ( http://www.kineticbaltimore.com ).

              2. s
                salad man May 1, 2007 08:57 PM

                butcher-wegman's Hunt valley, (fish too),baker-Patisserie Poupon, Baltimore St.,Baltimore,Md. Only bread is brioche,but it makes one give up other bread. Pastries,cakes, and tarts are like what you wish for. Not cheap. Cheese-Wegman's for sure.(produce too)

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                1. re: salad man
                  salad man May 16, 2007 01:46 PM

                  an afterthought. there are three korean markets; one in the back of security square mall,i think it's called seoul plaza,han au rum at rolling and rte.40 west,and another in lotte
                  plaza,rte.40 west neatrte.29. all three are very good,especially for produce and seafood.

                2. a
                  a70wilson May 1, 2007 08:35 PM

                  One Straw Farm still has CSA memberships available - you get to pick up fresh veggies/fruit from June until November. They have a lot of pick-up locations.


                  And while it is a chain, I have found the cheese folks at the Inner Harbor east Whole Foods, pretty knowledgable. They started carrying this wonderful Mt. Tam cheese from Cowgirl Creamery and were able to tell me that there is a Cowgirl Creamery store that opened last summer in DC. Yummy yummy cheese...

                  1. h
                    Hal Laurent Apr 30, 2007 06:31 PM

                    I like Broadway Market (north building) in Fells Point for fish. One of the seeming few remaining places with a large selection of whole fish that are cleaned when you buy them rather than being done ahead of time. I'm sure there's something similar at Lexington Market, but I live right near Broadway.

                    I miss the old cheese stand at Broadway Market. Nowadays I usually end up buying cheese at Whole Foods in Inner Harbor East, but it's not the same.

                    I also miss the really old (three owners or so) meat stand at Broadway, back when Eric ran the place. I don't know of any good butchers near my neighborhood anymore.

                    As for bread, I make my own nowadays.

                    1. Vespa1 Apr 30, 2007 05:54 PM

                      Baltimore doesn't have a best anything but these are some places you might want to at least check out.
                      Belvedere Square Market-they have a decent selection of all the things you just mentioned. Atwater's (Bread, Pastry, Cheese) Ceriello's (dry aged beef, Italian stuff), Ikan Seafood (seafood and sushi; but not a big selection), Planet Produce (seasonal and local veggies, cool stuff like fiddleheads and morels when they're available), Grand Cru (beer, wine, booze and a great staff of goof-balls). Atwater's sells their breads to some local markets, too. (see Bonaparte entry below)
                      The Wine Source-Cheese and Cured Meats-They were voted Best Cheese Shop by Baltimore Magazine that doesn't mean anything. Still, they have great prices and the best cared for cheeses in Baltimore. You won't find Cabot Cheddar there but you will find all those sexy cheeses from Artisanal and Murray's for much less than they charge in New York. Great prosciutto and salami's, too. And wine of course.
                      Bonaparte Bakery- Fells Point-Best baguettes in Baltimore. Their breads are also found in markets around town (Eddie's Market in Charles Village, The Wine Source, etc...
                      A Kosher butcher near Ellicott City whose name I can't remember.
                      Springfield Farms-located in Sparks, MD north of Hunt Valley. They have farm fresh meats and poultry among other things.
                      For produce check out the 2 big farmer's markets. There's one at the corner of 33rd St. and Barclay that happens every Saturday. The other market is on Sunday and runs from May to November or December. It is located downtown.under I-83. The M.B. Klein Model Railroad store is right across from it and is visable from the interstate. I think it's on Guilford.
                      Hope this helps

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                      1. re: Vespa1
                        Procrastibaker May 18, 2007 02:07 PM

                        Treuth's is the butcher in Ellicott City-- we love it. I agree that Balto. needs a better cheese shop, but that it doesn't have any "best" places seems a bit harsh. I'd say the market under 1-83 is the best I've been to in the area (prices, vibe, variety). And Bonaparte's breads are better than anything you can find in DC. And the Neopol Smokery is amazing-- try the trout or any variety of smoked salmon. And what about Ostrowski's Sausage in Fell's Point? Yum!

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