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Apr 17, 2007 05:50 AM

Where to get a good, but small cake in Baltimore?

My wife's birthday is coming up and I'd like to get her a cake for a nice (mid-week) dinner at home. It'll just be the two of us, so something on the smaller side would be ideal. Any suggestions of a good place to get a good, classic cake (and, if possible, your recommended cake from them) would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Woodlea bakery on belair rd. is a local favorite. Its been a long time since I have been there but I remember good things.

    1. There's really nothing better than Pattiserie Poupon on E. Baltimore Street downtown. They will sell you anything from individual cookies and madeleines, to small tarts and cakes, on up to a full-size wedding cake.

      Don't forget the brioche.

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        I second Patisserie Poupon. They have a chocolate torte that is sinfully rich and just amazing. They do have small and large cakes. They are more expensive thatn grocery store cakes (a large torte runs $40) but worth every penny--you are paying for eggs, butter, cream, and real ingredients (as opposed to crisco whipped with sugar and food coloring).

        1. re: venera

          Baltimore Cupcake Company down in Locust Point on Fort Ave. Best cupcakes ever, they put Magnolia Bakery in NYC to shame. Never had their cakes, but if it's the same batter and frosting, you won't be disappointed.

          1. re: dwbengals

            Have to chime in here. BCC is perfectly fine, but the cakes a little dry and the icing a little grainy. Not that I'd turn one down if it were offered, but there wasn't anything about it that has induced me to return since I sought it out in September.

            In terms of Bmore's cupcake "scene," I much prefer Charm City Cupcakes. Icing is fabulously creamy and cakes have a nice consistency, not too soft, not too dense. Don't think they do cakes though.

            1. re: charmedgirl

              There's a great place in Little Italy there called Vaccaro's that I really like - I highly recommend it if your wife likes Italian deserts.

              1. re: CerealKiller

                I'll second this opinion. My husband works near there and sometimes brings me home a tiramisu. They used to do all-you-can-eat on Mondays, but I don't know if they still do.

              2. re: charmedgirl

                I understand the BCC has opened in MoCo.......Olney......

                Anyone been there???......worth driving 1/2 hour for????

                1. re: maypo

                  I thought the cupcakes at Baltore cupcake were extremely dry and way overpriced. Duncun Hines is better!

                2. re: charmedgirl

                  Where is Charm City Cupcakes? I've never even heard of it.

                  1. re: pigtowner

                    I had them at the Taste of Baltimore in October. I know they bake out of the old Women's Industrial Exchange on Charles Street, but I'm not sure if they have an official store front. I think, maybe?, they serve the cupcakes at the lunch place upstairs though. Google for it, you will probably find more info.

          2. There's an Italian bakery on Central Avenue - off of Eastern and i believe between Eastern and Bank Street in Little Italy/ edge of the projects. I've had their Tiramasu cake for my own birthday twice! and it is now the most requested cake amongst friends.
            I think the bakery is called 'Pierdegotta' - they are open daily but you should probably stop by and just give them a couple of days notice or call ahead. From memory the cake was ~ $20 but worth much much more!

            1. Thanks! I went with Patisserie Poupon for this birthday (a pear and chocolate cake - not exactly classic, but it sounded too good to pass up), but with all the great suggestions am starting to wonder if maybe my wife would prefer two cakes this year.