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Apr 17, 2007 04:18 AM

Marcella Nord in New Hope

Has anyone eaten at Marcella Nord in New Hope. It's the sister restaurant of Cafe Marcella, which I've enjoyed. Others I'd like an opinion on are Martine's, Zubi, 90 Main. ANy other favorites in the area?
There are so many good ones in the New Hope/Lambertville area.

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  1. Marcellas is very good but has a limited menu. Cool romantic space in the former Martine's building. They had some great desserts and a darn good Bolognese.

    I posted a review of Martines several months ago, but its one of the only other places in town I would trust to feed me, and they do a nice meal, plus with the nice weather their outdoor deck on the river will be absolutely the best seat in town.
    Definitely check out Tastebuds, very good food in an unassuming location.

    Also check out the Paper Plate Cafe, its a nice little sandwich shop that does dinners also, with good foods.

    Zubi seems.... foo-foo to me, very trendy, trying to be something that is much better suited for the big city, and ditto for 90 Main, which I have not tried but hear its ok. Havana has a tropical/Cuban (go figure) twist, but not sure how good the quality is and you'll have to deal with the hordes of biker "gangs" on the weekends.

    The Mansion is very nice, the La Bonne Auberge is uber-expensive but nice, and Marsha Brown is very nice steakhouse-with-a-creole-twist.

    Most of the places in New Hope, I have determined, are pretty much Tourist Traps. This includes Mothers, The Landing (which has not changed their menu in centuries and was not very good the last time I ate there many years ago), The Logan Inn. The Triumph brewpub is solid brewpub fare, the Blue Tortilla is horrid mexican steam-table food, the El Taco Loco is even scarier, Karlas is slightly.... out-there...., Esca is decent Italian fare but snobby the times I have gone, Wildflowers is lacks focus and quality, Frans and John/Peters are good if you're drunk and don't mind the "everything deep-fried" stuff, The Raven is decent, Guiseppes is ok if you want pizza-restaurant fare, and I think I've covered most of them.

    Outside of New Hope but nearby and definitely worth checking out: Meils in Stockton (funky diner comfort food), Stockton Inn (with a new chef and gorgeous outdoor patio) also several in Lambertville such as No. 9, Hamiltons Grill Room, Tortugas Mexican, Manon, Ricks, and perhaps DeAnnas although one of the posters whose opinion I respect recently posted a negative review.

    1. I agree with Seth - a lot of the New Hope restaurants seem to be tourist traps. I've only eaten at a handful of them, but I've never been wowed by any (except Tastebuds back when they served lunch). Despite the rave reviews Martine's gets, I've never actually tried it since I don't remember that it's there most of the time. It's on the list, though.

      We have much better luck when we dine in Lambertville (and there's free parking in the evenings, unlike New Hope). Favorites include: Lilly's on the Canal, No. 9., Hamilton's Grill (although lately we've not been as impressed) and Tortuga's. I've heard good things about Rick's and Cafe Galleria.

      1. New Hope and Lambertville have the same parking meter times and they run until 9:00 pm--the cost is only 75 cents an hour. New Hope has more charm than Lambertville. Tastebuds gives attitude and I have had cold food (that was supposed to be hot) served to me twice there, so I have not gone back again. All the restaurants have their own special unique charm and food. You have a range from very bohemian to elegant and sophisticated; and price ranges to match. Add that to the great B & B's and New Hope being designated as one of the top 100 walking towns in the USA and one of the top 25 Art Communities, you have a great place to visit. It is historic and fun. I have had a great time going to New Hope for over 30 years and I will continue to make it one of my annual destinations.

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          Agree about New Hope being very fun to walk around. I went in July and there was a doggie bowl of water every few feet. Which of course my dogs insisted on stopping at. One even had ice in the water! When I don't have my dogs with me I just eat at the Candlewyck in Buckingham. It is an old family favorite.

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            I find Lambertville more charming than New Hope. I live and work in the NH/Lambertville area and Lambertville now is more like what New Hope was 25 years ago -- galleries, small restaurants, antique shops. To me, New Hope and most of the restaurants there are pretty much tourist traps.

            New Hope can be fun for dog walking and people watching on a nice day, but I very rarely dine or buy anything there. Except for Suzie Hot Sauce -- where the convenience and selection outweigh the ridiculous prices, IMO :)