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Restaurants with outdoor terraces in Tokyo

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Tokyo's restaurants are in great need of outdoor terraces. Any suggestions (I have in mind TY Harbour and La Brasserie at the French Institute) ? Thanks

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  1. Both Tokyo Midtown and Roppongi Hills have several restaurants with outdoor seating. At Midtown there's Botanica (the new Conran restaurant), Nirvana New York, Union Square Tokyo, a branch of Fonda de la Madrigada Mexican restaurant, and a few others.

    Also, both branches of Aux Bacchanales (Tameike and Kioicho), Bistrot d'Artemis (Yoyogi), Pierre Gagnaire a Tokyo (Omotesando), Antwerp Central (Marunouchi), and many more.

    Canal Cafe (in the photo) is one of my favorites, except during mosquito season.

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      And of course you can always just "gaman" until beer garden season...

    2. There are two places my co-workers and I go to for a leisurely lunch when it's beautiful out...

      Suji's in Azabudubai for brunch or anything off their New York grill menu. (The portions are American so pace yourself...or ask for a doggy bag). www.sujis.net

      Macchinesti Coffee (azabu juban branch) has a sunken terrace on a quiet street. Their marinated chicken takes about a half hour to arrive at your table but is just about the best thing I've ever eaten.

      (These terrace tips are top secret so shhh....)