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What Type of Cheese to Pair with Burgers?

Wondering what type of cheese people prefer in their homemade burgers. I'm leaning towards blue cheese

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  1. One of my favorite way to eat a burger is with some Stilton cheese on top,
    add thinly sliced red onion, let & tomato.

    Oh, and I put some of Stonewall Kitchen's roasted garlic jam on the roll.


      1. grafton village cheddar. i like to stuff it inside the burger with caramelized onions and sauteed portabella mushrooms, or put it on top of the burger with a big fresh slice of beefsteak tomato when they're actually in season.
        i also love the blue cheese. two weeks ago i made a burger with a slice, not crumbled, but a slice of blue cheese on the bottom bun, a few pieces of pancetta, then topped with the burger, then topped with slow roasted tomatoes and basil leaves, then topped with the top (grilled) bun. it was one of those meals where i am forcefully reminded of why i will never end up being vegan.

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          I like grilled onions and pepper jack cheese.

        2. I have tried many cheeses over the years and keep coming back to Land O Lakes White American. I went through a Swiss phase for a while. I find it more important for my favorite home burger to slowly sautee some onions to get them golden. I start the onions about 20-30 minutes before i start the burgers, and cook slowly. Then some Heinz ketchup and it's a happy Jfood. BTW - gotta use chuck, and please do not squeeze the burger with the spatula.

          1. My personal preference is white american.
            My second favorite is a knob of boursin placed inside the burger before it's cooked. Kind of a little surprise when you eat it.
            Third fave - cheddar. But only if I'm doing a burger with bacon and BBQ sauce.

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              Goat cheese and vidalia onion with ketchup.

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                I can always count on QB. I forgot the bacon, OMG it makes a burger go from an 8 to a 10 an the Jfood scale. Thanks again QB.

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                  Bacon makes (just about) everything better, jfood!

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                    I used to work with a lot of Muslims, and I was always thinking, how in the world would you live without bacon?! Such an important flavor in Southern cooking :)

              2. I like the basics, I typically have one or more of the following in my fridge at all times:

                pepper jack
                white american

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                    That's what I like, with sweet onion, bread and butter pickles, and lots of spicy mustard. I save the ketchup for fries.

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                      I so agree a sharp cheddar with red onions,crisp green leaf lettuce, and tomato slices.

                    2. Only one correct answer. American cheese. Good old fashioned, great melting, processed cheese.

                      1. I have always enjoyed a nice big chunk of chevre on burgers... then once the cheese has softened (it doesn't quite melt) I throw a ton of Frank's Red Hot sauce on top of it.

                        Great creamy, spicy combo.

                        1. a slab of cream cheese is great on a burger too, especially with tomato and bacon.

                          1. Sometimes I like bleu cheese- always cooked insife the burger. Other times I like swiss or white american. Cooked rare, toasted bun, raw onions thinly sliced, pickles and hellmans mayo. Served with well done crispy fries, and onion rings when I am really being ambitious in the kitchen. I think you just gave me my menu for Saturday evening- served alongside some baked beans, with tomatoes and cuke salad.

                            1. a sharpish chedder

                              though, a blue cheese with grilled mushrooms and grilled onions has it's place, for sure.

                              god, between the donut thread and this one, I am starving for a road food gorge.

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                                Just had the best burger in awhile the other night. A sirloin burger med rare, not greasey,with a nice and crispy edge on the beef, yellow american cheese melted nicely, white onion rings, 2 tomato slices with salt, ice cold lettuce and a good slather of mustard, along with a mustard puddlle to dip, then placed on a toasted english muffin. No soggy bun! I was so happy!

                              2. if you've got a very good cheese shop in your area, try adding some "humboldt fog"

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                                1. 1. Land O' Lakes sharp american (yellow)

                                  2. good blue or gorgonzola on a nice cajun spiced burger

                                  3. imported swiss on a burger with crispy bacon and deeply caramelized onions

                                  4. last resorts or with my 9 year old niece.... kraft, lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo/ketchup mixed together.

                                  1. I've tried everything short of head cheese and I love 'em all. Smoked gouda works well. Blue is my favorite when I want to splurge, beacuse if you do the math, a thick slice of Maytag costs more than the meat! Also, blue takes longer to melt, so one must apply the cheese almost immediately after the flip. ( I can do my flip from my hammock- talk about lazier than a neutered housecat! ) Tarragon and Worcestershire added to the chuck, coarse pepper on the surfaces, slice of Vidalia, lathered with Heinz on a nest of Boston lettuce leaves, toasted bun..."it don't get much better'n that".

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                                      YUUUUUUUUMMMMM!!!! (sung at avery high note!)

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                                        As QueenB so eloquently pointed out to my omission,


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                                          jfood, I think you and QueenB have added a new dimension to how much fun we can have with our clothes on!

                                      2. If it's an option, I always have blue on my burger. I prefer it sliced, rather than crumbled. If you stick it in the freezer for a few minutes it slices nicely, then gets all lovely and melty on the warm burger. A slice of Walla Walla Sweet or a red onion makes me happy. Add bacon and it's bliss. The right BBQ sauce and I'm in heaven.

                                        1. Gruyere with sauteed mushrooms! But really...meat + cheese = YUM! Just not sure I'd ever use a crating cheese, like Parmigiano...anyone tried this?

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                                            Gruyere, Jarlsberg and Tillamook are my faves.

                                            I have made burgers mixed with garlic, onions, diced sundried tomatoes and parmesan. I then topped them with mozzarella. Very good but better served on non-hamburger buns, better with sourdough or french bread.

                                          2. Just about every kind of cheese in my fridge is a candidate to be perched atop a patty, with the exception of the sweetly caramel Gjetost.

                                            For an interior stuffed surprise that holds it texture, try Pecorino Romano shredded thru a rotary grater.

                                            1. I typically don't have cheese on my burgers, but when I do I like either Havarti or Swiss.

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                                                I must vote for Stilton as well. Great combined with carmelized/grilled onions as well.

                                                1. I'm with you - just love blu with a burger - try stuffing the burger with it before cooking

                                                  1. Yes, blue cheese is hard to beat. I've had in a restaurant/bakery a "Hindenburger," which is garnished with a little pile of thin fried breaded onion strips and a thick blue cheese dressing (not sure how they made it, but the essence was pure blue cheese) on a fresh and fabulous 7-grain bun. Butter lettuce would be perfect. That burger at its best is heaven ...

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                                                      sounds like heaven to me! Where did you find such a thing?

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                                                        At the Nutshell Eatery & Bakery in Granbury, TX ... they make the buns there. I've had it more than once, the first time was perfection ... I like it with ketchup.

                                                    2. Processed petroleum by-product a.k.a. those orange plastic wrapped "singles", topped with a couple of fresh jalapeños split in half and sauteed until soft.

                                                      1. If the meat is flavorful I think it's a shame to put a strong-flavored cheese on/in it. Overwhelms the taste of the meat. I like Muenster because it's mild and melts so creamily; also Cabot's sliced Mild Cheddar. If you like some heat, I urge you to try Sargento's (fairly new, I think) Chipotle Cheddar. I think you can get it either thin-sliced or in a brick. It is marvelous!

                                                        (Esp. with bacon. I couldn't agree more about bacon being the nearest thing there is to the essential universal seasoning. I keep Nueske's Applewood Smoked in the freezer all the time. Too expensive to eat as bacon, but man, what it can do for a pot of beans, an omelette, fresh green beans, carrots, broccoli, anything.

                                                        It will keep frozen for a year if well-wrapped. I buy 3 lb.in an order, take out a frozen lb. slab, quickly slice/shave off one edge what I need for sauteeing aromatics, etc., and put the rest back in the freezer. It's so lean you'll prob. have to add some oil to the skillet for the aromatics, but the Nueske's flavor will prevail.

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                                                          I also like a couple of thinnish slices of brie, some sautéed mushrooms and a twist or two of fresh black pepper.

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                                                            Yesterday my son-in-law had a beautifully grilled thick hamburger topped with house-made pimento cheese on grilled sour dough bread. He loved it.
                                                            I'm with the nugget of boursin cheese in the center on the patty.
                                                            Other favs are swiss, white American and BACON - thick and crispy.

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                                                              The pimento cheese burger is a standard it lots of home-style diners in the Southeast US. But, being mayo-based, as it melts, it leads to lots of circumferential licking to catch it as it droops and drips from the edge of the bun. Indeed, if there are enough people eating PC burgers at the same time, the room sounds almost like it is full of Japanese noopdle-slurpers. Timing of the application of the PC to the hot burger is critical, and each user must find his own point of ecstasy as to how hot things should be when they smear the cheese on top. Ask for the PC "on the side".

                                                              While I love love love pimento cheese, it is to me akin to that thing called Revenge: A dish best served cold.