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Apr 17, 2007 12:29 AM

Where to buy Community Coffee?

My Cajun roommate imports it from Louisiana. It's delicious and sold online at Where can I get it in the five boroughs? Thanks!

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  1. Tim's Cajun Kitchen in Huntsville, AL. (I know because I bought some last Thursday.) That said, I've only seen Cafe du Monde sold around here (in upscale places and Vietnamese stores) - hence me buying a couple of packs of Community in Huntsville and flying home with them. I'd, too, love to know where to buy it locally.

    1. I was down in Lafayette about a year ago and my understanding from both Community and its local competition, Mellow Joy (my favorite of the two), was that they don't sell them in stores outside the South.

      1. I can buy it locally here in SC at a couple of different stores - Bi-Lo which is a local chain and Fresh Markets which I know are a few states over so it may be further up your way. It is quite popular here and I love it as well. It was all my family drank in MS. You may also try Publix if you have those because I can also get it there. I wonder if it wouldn't be cheaper to have someone you know buy it and ship it to you.

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          We don't have any of those up north.