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Apr 16, 2007 10:42 PM

Auburn Breakfast at Katrina's

Thanks to you Hounds we had a great Saturday morning breakfast at Katrina's Cafe in Auburn. It is at #456 Grass Valley Highway just north of Hwy 80. It is on Grass Valley Highweay's frontage road on the right. (530) 888-1166. It is very small and very good. I can see why there is often a line on weekends. My DH and I split (but couldn't finish) a turkey pesto mushroom egg-white omlette (cuz we don't like the yolks) and it was great. My kid's liked their pancakes and french toast. The service was excellent and all staff kept all coffee cups full. No credit cards accepted (at least the day we were there). If the line looks too long, the chowhound archives list one or two alternates nearby.

Thanks for a great breakfast! It got us all the way to Jackson (almost!)

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  1. Don't neglect the specials board when deciding what to have....they take full advantage of whatever fruit is fresh and in season. Some terrific meals there!