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Apr 16, 2007 10:42 PM

Huasteca, Babita, or that other place...

that I can't remember the name of that's also in Lynwood or thereabout. Want to take my bf and some other friends for a birthday dinner. We've travelled extensively in Mexico and enjoy eating and cooking Mexican. We rarely eat beyond Downtown, so I'd love to hear the pluses and minuses of these places to plan for this upcoming Sunday (and the name of that other place). Any chow advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

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  1. I think you might be thinking of La Casita. I had my birthday dinner there this weekend and sadly it didn't meet up to the level of Babita or La Huasteca for me...

    Anyway, depending on what you and your friends are looking for...

    Babita is a great intimate "where the hell did you find out about this!" spot. It has the level of elegance and a good solid grasp on the cuisine that I consider it the only thing this city has that comes even remotely CLOSE to Mexico City fine dining. Excellent wine list too. They BEST Chiles en Nogagas I've had outside of Mexico City.

    La Huasteca in Lynwood is great because they have a WIDE open bar with great margaritas. They have a more 'approachable' menu with some really nice additions. I ADORE the Filet in Huitlacoche, the best Huitlacoche dish in the city, it really brings out and yet TAMES the earthiness of the ingredient. Also, the best cafe de olla in the city so far (the one at La Casita was a bit of a dispointment because they had you add the Piloncillo after it was brewed. :( ).

    La Casita is very nice, but smaller and busier (I think Babita is a bit smaller, but is also still more of a 'hidden gem'), so depending on how large your party is, you should give them plenty of notice. If you check out the blackberry mole post, you will find my impressions which sadly were dispointing. However, there are other posts that include some 'specials' you can probably request to be made and the rest of the menu is very approachable for the rest of your party. But they have no booze at ALL if that matters (I am not sure about corkage...)

    Another option that might be fun is Guelegetza on Olympic. Great mole dishes and full bar with several wonderful Mezcals. They also sometimes have lively entertainment on weekends and the atmosphere is very festive. They also have the BEST horchata with altun syrup and pecans added... YUM!! :)


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      Could have sweared that I saw Guelegetza on the Plaza Mexico billboard that said it's "now opened".

      1. re: notmartha

        REALLY! That would be a great addition! :D

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          I think it's the same Guelegetza? I checked Plaza Mexico store list and the restaurant website (I don't really read Spanish that well though) .

          I am planning to check it out after our visit to Babita this week.

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            Yes! On the Guelaguetza site it mentions a new branch at Plaza Mexico! WHOO HOO!! :D


    2. P. just popped in and told me that you might be have also been thinking about Malverde which was in the same center as La Huasteca in Lynwood with a Chef Trained under Rick Bayless. Sadly the place has closed, but may reopen elsewhere. I never got a chance to try it, but heard mixed things from Hounds and Co-Workers (Who take clients out to upscale Mexican a lot).


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        Dommy-Thanks. I always appreciate and enjoy your posts. Yes, it was Malverde I was thinking of, and am sad to hear it is closed. I've been to La Casita and really enjoyed the moles (reminded us of our time in Oaxaca). I've also been to Babita when it was named something else about 8 years ago or so, so want to go back. We'll definitely go to both, though probably end up going to Babita for the b-day. I'll report back early next week. Thanks to every one for their posts!


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          Before Babita Mexicusine, one of my long gone favorites where I was introduced to habanero chilis before they were in every grocery store - El Emperador Maya!

      2. La Casita Mexicana is actually in Bell on Gage Ave.
        (323) 773-1898

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          Nice pic... our rice didn't have veggies tho'... which was nice, it didn't need it! YUM!! :D


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            I'm thinking that's what's para lonche hoy!~
            Love, love, love that place!
            Concur on the rice, está bien como es~

        2. Babita or the La Serenata de Garibaldi (in Boyle Heights only).

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            Thanks Carter... The one in SM pales, but I need to visit the BH one again... it's been MUCH too long...


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              Yes, the Westside branches don't have the same cachet. I love the Boyle Heights branch -- but beware of Gold Line construction, it can be very hard to get around that area.

          2. I haven't been to the other two, but I've been to Babita and it's currently one of my favorite restaurants on rotation even though I live all the way in Torrance.