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Apr 16, 2007 09:14 PM

Frontera Grill for 2 on a Thursday?

Have read a bunch on this board about not being able to make a reservation at Frontera Grill for a small party. . . if we only have one night to go out in Chicago (Thursday), and want to go to Frontera, what are the chances of getting in without a long, long wait?
TIA, chowhounds.

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  1. They take same day reservations, so try Thursday early, maybe a bit before they open for lunch

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    1. re: elrushbo

      Call early on the day you want to go. They told me that they only accept reservations first thing in the morning - around 8:30. Or go for an early meal - 6:00? and you probably won't have much of a wait. We went (2 people) around 7:00 on a Thursday and got seated almost immediately, but it can be more difficult for larger parties.

      1. re: wak

        They notoriously overestimate the wait so you are inclined to get a drink at the bar. When they've told me an hour wait, it has typically been 20 minutes. Two weeks ago they told me 90 minute wait and it was 45. Anyway, for 2 they have a counter you can sit at (in the restaurant, not at the bar) which I actually find nice to sit at. You get a nice view of the kitchen and get to see and smell the food coming out. You still have good service, and the stools are quite comfortable. The wait is considerably less. It may not be for everyone, but I always have enjoyed that seat.

        1. re: NDJ

          I've had the same experience in terms of being told an hour wait to have it be half of that. I've never sat where NDJ mentions, but have eaten at the bar and found it fine.

          1. re: mike_d

            If you are relying on a reservation, definitely call right at 8:30 a.m. the day you wish to dine. They typically book all of their same-day reservation spots within moments of turning their phones on (again, around 8:30 a.m.). I've had luck once getting a reservation and haven't been lucky 2 other times I've tried.

            Or, as was suggested above, just go for an early dinner if you can't get a reservation and eating there is a priority for you!! Sounds like the wait won't be too bad, even if you don't get there right when they open! Good luck!

            1. re: DKS1

              Keep in mind that Frontera Grill is not the only creative Mexican place in town. There's Topolobampo, its sister restaurant next door. Other good Mexican places include Adobo Grill (Old Town and Wicker Park) and Salpicon (Old Town). These other three all accept advance reservations on