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Apr 16, 2007 08:59 PM

Cheese - the best cheese experience you ever had

Roqfort, soft and squishy, pungently fabulous on crisp lavosh with a Temprinillo to divert the taste buds momentarily before returning to another heady mouthful.

How about you?

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  1. Mounds of Bulgarian feta on a shopska salad - sitting in a little cafe near the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria!, downing shots of rakiya and chasing it with the salad.

    1. Homemade - Mom's mac n cheese. Nothing fancy. Just a great combination of macaroni, butter, milk, cheese and a sprinkling of different seasonings. My aunt and I still fight over the leftovers.

      Restaurant - Melted oozing gouda smothering a 1/3 lb burger in a small joint called Genki Burger just up the street from Waseda U in Tokyo.

      And just for the memories...taking bites out of a block of sharp cheddar with my college buddies on our first trip to Vegas as 21 year olds. Accompanied by wheat thins, great funk and hip hop and a little herbal enjoyment.

      1. I am still in love with Humboldt Fog. It's been a few months now!

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          ahhh, darn you! i love the humboldt fog somethin dangerous. eating about a quarter pound of that would be one of my fonder memories.

          1. re: ben61820

            "...eating about a quarter pound of that would be one of my fonder memories."

            You have just ONE memory of that?

        2. Walking into a little cheese shop on the Boulevard St. Germain a block or two east of the Sorbonne and seeing over three hundred varieties of goat, sheep, and cow's milk cheeses, covered in all manner of mold, leaves, ash. I fell to the floor weeping with joy.

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          1. re: Loren3

            Do you remember the name of the cheese shop? There was one I frequented when I lived near the Sorbonne called the Cremerie Des Carmes? Does that ring a bell?
            It was right next to the flower market.

          2. A round of Brillat Savarin (triple creme), drowned in cognac soaked golden raisins, served with crusty french bread.

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            1. re: serveitforth

              That sounds amazing. Do you soak the raisins yourself? If so, for how long?