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Apr 16, 2007 08:43 PM

fun, reasonably-priced dinner in philly

hi --

boston hound here, looking for birthday dinner recs for a friday night. i'm looking for a place with great food, a fun atmosphere, and entrees under $20. i'd also like to be able to make reservations since it will be a group of about 8 or so. ideally, the restaurant would be in or close to center city, where i'll be staying.

thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. how about Copacabana's on South St...?

    They have good burgers, "spanish" fries, homemade sangria,...........and it is reasonable

    1. Try Vietnam. Excellent food, everyone will find something on the huge menu (even the pickiest of eaters, I know from big group experience), good service, great space. Three floors plus a neat little relatively undiscovered lounge/bar upstairs with delicious lemongrass martinis. In Chinatown on N. 11th past Race (convenient to Center City).

      1. Jones is a fun place, Copa is good. There's a bunch of fun bars with great food all around the city...Where exactly are you staying? That would help narrow it down a bit.

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          i'll be staying around rittenhouse sq, or just west of it. anything that comes to mind in that vicinity? thanks for your help so far!

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            Well, part of the question is *which* Friday night, because the further from now it is, the more options you have. That said, I heartily second the Vietnam nomination.

        2. Hmm...not sure about the prices, but here's a few places near where you're staying that come to mind.

          Continental Midtown (fun, good drinks, sharing plates- type food)
          Devil's Alley (bar with decent far)
          Tir Na Nog (Irish pub)
          Copa Miami (like the Copa mentioned below, but with a Latin twist)
          Pietro's Coal Oven Pizzeria (good pizza and other Italian dishes)
          Genji (sushi/Japanese)

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            dmitris on 22nd and Pine has really great greek food with extremely reasonable prices, and it will give you a good flavor for the philadelphia byo scene (although this location serves wine). I'm not sure if they take reservations though...