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Apr 16, 2007 08:38 PM

Multnomah Falls lodge food?

Is it bad or good?

The last time I ate there was 1988.


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  1. My mom and I ate there last summer. I cannot for the life of me remember what I ordered however my mom ordered a salad w/their house dressing. It was terrible. There were large fat globs, not oil but solidified fat globs, in it...The waiter offered my Mother a new salad in which they warmed the dressing up and then drenched the salad in very hot dressing which in turn wilted the lettuce and made it very soggy. Service was extremely lack luster and we were there for almost 2 hours, which was entirely tooo long for a quick lunch. I would bring a nice picnic lunch next time.

    1. The Sunday Brunch is fine, not anything great, mind you, but OK.

      1. You really go for the views, but I remember the smoked fish plate being particularly good. It had sturgeon, trout, and two kinds of salmon. Brunch may be your best bet.

        1. I ate at the lodge recently, had an entree salad, and it was good. Nothing spectacular, but fine. Our server was very good; we had kids along and she was very good at anticipating our needs.

          Nevertheless, if I was going to choose a place on the Gorge for a special meal, I'd go either to Skamania Lodge (on the WA side) or the Columbia River Gorge Hotel (in Hood River). The brunch at Skamania is simply the best buffet-style brunch I've ever had. I haven't been to the CRGH, but I have many friends who are repeat customers. The amount of food served there, however, is tremendous, and inexplicably includes an oatmeal course. Reservations are essential for either brunch.

          The only complaint I have had about Skamania is that some booths are in drafty locations. I will let them know that I want a place away from the doors the next time I visit or make reservations.