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Apr 16, 2007 08:37 PM

Best inexpensive coffee?

I can't always afford to buy my favorite coffee (locally roasted), so I occasionally have to buy some store brand coffee. It's a poor substitute, but am wondering if any brands are better (folger's? maxwell house?) than average.

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  1. Cooks Illustrated has, over the years, rated 8 o'clock beans, Starbucks houseblend beans and Millstone Columbian beans well. At my house, we drink a combination of Trader Joe's french roast decaf and Double Dark.

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    1. re: ccbweb

      I add to the Trader Joe's coffee.....I drink Joe's decaf blend. Extra dark! Yum!

      1. re: Kitchen Queen

        I'm also a fan of TJs french Roast - but I've never tried the decaf - maybe I should get 1 regular and 1 decaf and mix them - I'm should cut down the caffeine - but the deep, rich taste of that particular blend just forces me to drink 3 mugs before I even leave the house every morning.

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          I get Folger's when I dont get chance to make it to TJs to get their Bay Blend.

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            We love most any TJ's coffee. 8 O'Clock is good as well.

        2. If you're buying locally roasted from an indie coffeehouse, ask them to sell you a half pound instead of the pre-packed full pound. Most will do that for regular customers.

          However, if you only had $5 or so to your name and needed about a pound and there were no other options, I'd suggest getting as much of the 8 O'Clock morning blend whole bean as you can afford. That's almost always the best value and usually better than "gourmet" blends for $2-$3/lb. more.

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          1. re: Panini Guy

            8 o'clock whole bean decaf is wonderful! You'd never know it was decaf especially fresh ground. And it's affordable.

            1. re: mrsbuffer

              Check out Hispanic markets to see if you can find GOYA decaf. It has more body than any US decaf coffee I've tried.

          2. I add my voice to the chorus re: 8 o'clock coffee. (Shop Rite is having a sale on it this week - it's like $2/lb.)

            1. I have a preference for Folgers over almost any other coffee beleive it or not. It may not be everyones cup of tea, pause for chuckle, but I like to mix half breakfast blend with half decaf hazelnut, brew, and enjoy! I am enjoying some as we speak with my morning caramel creme yogurt.

              1. Folger's 100 percent Colombian is the least expensive arabica I know of, and has done well in some tastings by supposed experts. It's about 2 cents a cup more than standard market brands.

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                1. re: mpalmer6c

                  Another vote for Folgers Colombian!

                  At our local Publix, the 34.5 oz. can goes on sale for $4.99, or about $2.31/lb. That's inexpensive.