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Apr 16, 2007 08:35 PM

best best best new fave

try Boat St. Cafe, on Western in Belltown. warm lovely, friendly and the food is excellent. wish we had such a place in san francisco! i'll always go back when in seattle. renee erikson rocks as chef and owner. terrific french/ northwest flavors, great wine list. attentive and friendly waitstaff. the best meal i've had in a long while. sorry when the nite ended.

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  1. Boat Street is legit! My wife and I were just remarking on wanting to go back there over the weekend since it's been too long. Great food, great atmosphere - they really get the whole package right.

    1. I've been curious about Boat St., but been put off by their web site which is very vague and confusing. Could you be more specific and descriptive? What is their menu like? (items, small/large plates, prices) What was their preparations like? (traditional french with lots of cream and butter, lighter, Northwest) How was their aps and desserts?

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        just remember, it's owned by two women that have completely different menus/styles for lunch and dinner. lunch wasn't great. dinner rocks!!!!

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          I've been for dinner many times. I think of the menu as french bistro (pate's, mussels, roast chicken). There is usually one "flan" on the list (often vegetarian) which is a fabulous mousse-y type thing served in a pie pan. Cheese and wine of course. And don't forget the bread pudding for dessert. I've only been for lunch one time and don't remember a huge discrepency between the "feel" of the two menus. Breakfast is also fab. Breakfast and lunch are served in the room on the east side of the building and dinner is served in the room on the north side. There is a beautiful courtyard outside of the two.

          1. re: Lauren

            I've only been once, and that was for lunch. It was actually quite mediocre, even borderline bad. I posted a review on another site -- not really to slam the place, but to see if I was missing something since I'd only ever heard positive reviews. I found out that dinner is served by the Boat Street Cafe, and lunch by the Boat Street Kitchen, in two separate (although connected) spaces, with the menus of two different chefs.

            I still haven't been back for dinner, but I plan to!

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              The breakfast at their old location was my favorite in Seattle. I haven't been to the new location yet. Sounds like i have to go now...

              1. re: gt1485a

                It's so good. I always get the eggs benedict and my husband always gets the corncakes. Yum.

            2. re: kirkj

              I wouldn't call Baot Street "light" butter and cream are much loved ingredients .. that said, if you are concerned you can get around it .. me? I succumb right away to the warm baguette sitting on butter, so from there .. why bother .. I mean who wants to skip the pate or the mussels in cream or the bread pudding??

            3. I have been to the "new" Boat St. Cafe for both brunch and dinner. The dinner was good, the service a little slow, I would go again. Had brunch a couple weeks ago and my meal was almost not edible. Trout, eggs and polenta. The polenta was creamy and good but the poached egg tasted old and the trout had no discernable seasoning, just an off flavor. Service was also slow, will not be going back for brunch.

              1. Boat St rocks, and is one of my favorite places in town.