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Apr 16, 2007 08:13 PM

large college team seeking big restaurant for dinner

My dance team is supposed to have a team dinner around 5ish on a sunday night. There probably about 60 of us, and it has to be cheap (the goal is 8-10 dollar entrees, which i know is kinda ridiculous, but we're a college team with a budget). Anything in manhattan would be greatly appreciated! any suggestions?

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  1. How do you feel about Chinese? I think Congee Village might be able to accommodate you.

      1. re: LFeinberg

        There is no way you can get 60 seated at Katz's. Plus the pastrami sandwich is over $10 these days.

        1. re: KTinNYC

          Cafetasia for sure! It's a semi-trendy east village Asian fusion spot which is great for large groups as they have "Cafeteria-style" seating i.e. large benches. Food is delicious and entrees are in your price range.

          1. re: foodie4life

            Downtown, I say Cafetasia and Congee Village (the Bowery one) are the best best.

            If you go to the UWS, make a reservation at Cafe Con Leche - it's big and cute enough, the food is good and cheap.

          2. re: KTinNYC

            I held a press junket at Katz's Deli for over 60 people, and it was absolutely fine. Maybe with a group that large they can get a deal, if I were the manager at Katz's I'd cut a group of 60 a good rate.

            And yes, I do believe it was a separate area, Ms. Feinberg. Haha.

        2. Hey, moonlight251, If $80-10 dollars is the budget for the main course, is that all you're planning to have? Or are you also considering apps and/or desserts? If so, what's the total per person budget? I ask because with a group this large, you might be able to work out a package deal. Also, I guess we should presume that most if not all, of your team members are not of drinking age, so you'll be sticking with soft drinks?

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          1. re: RGR

            Park the bus on the corner of St. Marks and 3rd Ave, hand each kid their cash and have at it. All sorts of budget spots within a a block or two, from falafel, japanese, hot dogs, thai, pizza, etc.

            1. re: Scott V

              i know all about the budget spots etc., i do live in the city, but please be reasonable. we're just trying to have a nice group dinner. RGR, it's actually 8-10 per person total, and if people want drinks when we have team dinners they usually put them on a separate tab. We usually do Chinese, but the place where we were going to have it can't fit the huge size of our team this year

              1. re: moonlight2k1

                Was that really unreasonable? I figured you were a team traveling here and looking for a way to feed a large group inexpensively.

                If you live here you realize that the list of restaurants that can seat that many and will block of 1/2 of their dining room or more for 8-10 dollars per person is very small.

                Republic in Union Square could handle it, but would they? Maybe worth checking out.

                Otherwise, I'd check with the big dim sum places. Jing Fong serves dinner. Never had it, but they could handle 60 easily if they're not already booked.

          2. Here's another idea, what about John's Pizza on 44th near 8th Ave. You'll definitely stay in your per person budget. Are you familiar w/ the space? It's a converted church with massively tall ceilings, really beautiful space. They have an open upstairs area that is frequently used for private parties, and also frequently empty (even on busy nights).

            I am only guessing, but I think the upstairs would seat 60+, not at one big table, but in one contained area.

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            1. re: ballulah

              I think my post got a bit lost in some of the arguing but I will vouge again for Cafetasia. It's quite a large space and I think it suits your needs perfectly. All kinds of pad thai and the like in the $8-10 category. You can seat everyone in the same room, at tables.

              1. re: ballulah

                John's is a great choice, but with groups they impose a per person minimum that I want to say was either $15 or $20. They might be willing to negotiate with such a large group though. I think the earlier suggestion of Congee is a good one as they have different sized private rooms, and it's very inexpensive.

                1. re: TEG

                  The OP is looking for space at around 5 pm on a Sunday evening, they may be able to get away with more for going anywhere they choose in an off peak time.

              2. I suggest Dallas BBQ. Not gourmet but different and more fun than Chinese. Their website encourages tour groups and has a specific email contact for booking large parties. Also multiple locations to choose from in Manhattan


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                1. re: danentin

                  Times Square location can definitely fit you in. Or Carmines large family pasta platters? Order $600+(20%tip) worth of food to share and if anyone else is still hungry tell them go eat cake.