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Apr 16, 2007 07:57 PM

Peninsula Recommendation: Party For 70

Looking for your recommendation for a restaurant preferably with a private room that can accommodate around 70 people ( 50 adults & 20 children). Also looking to spend around $35-40 per head not including alcohol. We are not interested in doing a Chinese restaurant as that has been done before. Thanks

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  1. The Basque Cultural Center in SSF. The menu options are limited, but they can easily handle that size (it is not a restaurant though). A good spot for big groups.

    1. Zibibbo in Palo Alto has a large private room that easily will fit your group. Should meet your budget since it's served family style. There have been reports however that it's inconsistent.

      1. I started working in Palo Alto recently so I've been experimenting with a few places. I've heard good things on yelp about Illusions Supper Club on California Ave. It's suppose to be a good lebanese restaurant with a lot of differents areas for large groups. You may want to check it out. I'm planning on trying it out soon.

        1. Iron Gate in Belmont has a private room that can seat 70. I don't know about $40/person.

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            Been to Irongate last December and it is retro and just plain fun for a large private group - polished, professional black-tie continental service that exists no where else anymore. Give them your banquet business because this classic old throw-back deserves to be kept alive and well.

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              If you like the idea of "old-school," try the Van's 'On the Hill' in Belmont, as well. They have nice banquet rooms with terrific views, too:

              Kuleto's in Burlingame may fit the bill:
              As would Kingfish in San Mateo:

              Though both might be pushing your price limit.

            2. Left Bank in San Mateo is very good and I think within that price range