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Ruby Sky (Rubie Sky) in Tallahassee- Long Review

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I went to Rubie Sky (the website is www.therubysky.com) last Saturday night with hubby. I had two other friends also go that same night and here is what was collectively observed.

Service was mixed. We were originally seated next to a rather rowdy double date. Hostesses were very nice, and we were seated with only a wine list/drink menu. The waiter stopped by and asked if we'd like to start with a drink. Sure, we ordered two mojitos. A few minutes after we were seated, one of the men spilled his drink and I had some ice hit me. and liquid was clearly flowing toward me. No big deal, but the waiter never offered me an extra napkin after I used mine. No one at the other table apologized. The waiter eventually comes back with our mojitos and asks if we'd like to order some wine, reaching for the wine list. Well we don't have menus at this point and don't know what we're having for dinner so we can't really order any wine. The waiter seems a little perturbed says nothing and walks away. He comes back with two menus... still says nothing. At this point I'm ready to leave and my hubby goes to the hostess who graciously moves us to another section of the restaurant. Our next servers make up for this waiter. I say servers because we seem to have two people, both who seem very proud of the menu (commenting on how the calamari is only the best part, suggesting wine, etc.). My other friends (a party of 6) ended up with our original waiter. One of them had encountered him at another restaurant and knew he was prickly so they didn't expect much. They said it was better than expected, but the guy was not very friendly.

Food was excellent overall. Everyone agreed that the apps and salads were the best part of the meal.. My hubby had a goat cheese salad which was heavenly dressed with a light dressing on a bed of tasty greens with hearts of palm, artichokes and yellow tomatoes and cashews. The cashews were a little hard to get on the fork and may have worked better crushed or cut in smaller pieces. We also had the calamari that had really sweet meat, perfectly breaded. My tomato soup w/ gorgonzola was more salty than gorgonzolaly. Other friends had night's special salad and also the fried green tomatoes with goat cheese both which were reported as excellent. Everyone of my friends that had the fish had no complaints and all entrees were nicely presented. Everyone who had beef was not really impressed. The steak frites steak was kind of cold, as if it had sat on the plate while the fries were finished. The fries were as excellent as fries can be. After comparing notes with friends, I realized that I was not given a homemade ketchup which apparently made the dish. Dessert of chocolate mousse was tasty, but it wasn't really moussy. Others who had the blueberry crisp w/ ice cream said it was delicious and crispy.

Drinks- There is an extensive wine list, probably better than Cypress. Our drinks, mojitos, were too sweet, but were minty.

Decor- I think the restaurant was going for a swanky metro bistro look, but ran out of money. The party of 6 claimed that they were seated at what seemed like a card table because his knees hit the table. That might be an exaggeration, but it looked as if the plants hanging from the room dividers were plastic, which is not really the look I think they were going for. No plants might have been better. If going request a booth in the middle section or a table in the back.There are three sections, one closest to the hostess stand I would avoid because everyone has to walk past you when they get seated (and it seemed to be the prickly waiter's section). There is also a private room in the back for big parties, a bar area to the right of the hostess stand and a deck which was empty when we went, but probably open on warmer weekends and/or lunch. My in-laws said lunch was really good as was the service.

Overall I prefer Cypress food, but the service was eventually much better than Cypress, which is sometimes good, sometimes not. I would go again. By the way its not cheap. For one app, a salad, a soup, 2 drinks, a $50 bottle of wine, two entrees and three desserts ( I sent two desserts to the other tables as they were celebrating) with a healthy tip it was $200. High for Tallahassee.

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  1. I was not overly impressed with Ruby Sky. I went there the first month that they were opened and had a really creepy waiter that wouldn't keep his hands off of us and was downright overbearing about the wine list. The tuna had zero taste, I had the same calamari dish that you mentioned and thought that it was uninspired. My fish - the ginger snap encrusted salmon was actually burned (scorched) and as a result was ruined. I think that Liam's Thomasville does such a better job as does Fusion, Cypress, and Kool Beans. I have heard that Ruby Sky is now opened for lunch and am curious if anyone has lunched there.

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      I too was not overly impressed with Ruby Sky. We went to Ruby Sky a few days ago after hearing such great reviews in the Democrat. Before we went, we checked out the menu online and were excited about a few of the dishes. Unfortunately some of the best looking dishes were no longer on the menu, and they had not updated the website. Also they did not add any interesting looking dishes, so the meals available were some what disappointing.

      Also they have a great happy hour special where ladies get free wine from 4-7. We made it just in time to order one free glass, which I could barely get down. It was like white grape juice. For people who like their wine sweet it would have been perfect, but for me it was almost undrinkable. On a more positive note, they did seem to have a great drink list with a few interesting looking martinis. They also had some unusual beers on tap.

      The appetizers were okay, which I guess is good for Tallahassee. The calamari though reminded me of chicken fingers, both in taste and texture (the actual meat was way overcooked, even though the breading was a perfect golden color). Further, the desserts were extremely unsatisfactory. We had the pear stuffed with sweet cheese, which was not good at all. We also had a mango crème brulee, which was better than the pears mainly because it was crème brulee, but was still not terribly impressive. Additionally the bill was rather high. Thus, overall, we were very disappointed, but given the great reviews will try again.