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Apr 16, 2007 07:46 PM

Sports bar with decent food?

I generally hate TV and therefore don't have cable, but I really do like to see an occasional Raptors game. So I'm always on the lookout for places where I can watch their games (preferably with sound on) while having a pint and some decent food. Unfortunately, most places I know of that do show basketball have far from great food. One place I used to go to is on St. Clair West, a few steps west of Yonge, called something like "The Sports Cafe" and all I can say about it is AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. The first couple of times I went there I actually ordered food which was a HUGE mistake since there is literally nothing on the menu that they do not screw up really badly. It's quite funny really. I would sit there and drool when a Macdonalds ad came up on TV because I'd really love to have a Big Mac instead of whatever awful thing I had in front of me. So I stopped getting food there and just starting ordereing beers... but then several times in a row I was served beer that has obviously been sitting around and was completely flat, or a beer that's meant to be cold served at room temperature, or beer in a sticky dirty-looking glass. Lemme tell you - never again...

So, does anyone know of a place with decent grub that shows basketball? I am not expecting anything spectacular, just something reasonably edible. I know Madison Pub has a sports lounge and they do have Raptors TV and do show games, albeit without sound (at least when blasted hockey is on... which is all the bloody time...). That's good to know, but anyone has any other favourites?

I am sorry if this is not quite on topic. This thread may be too much about sports and too little about food... but it does relate to food. :-) I hope the fellow Chowhounds forgive me.

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  1. Harbour Sports Bar and Grill. Very good bar food.

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      For a sports bar, this place is definitely above average.

    2. How about the Granite Brewery. My father and I go from time to time to watch a game or two. Not your typical "Sports Bar" but a great place to catch the game, have micro brew and really good food too.

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        The Pour House on Bloor will turn on a Raptors game for you and the food is good to very good.

      2. The Mill St Brewery Pub has a bunch of TVs, great food & beer. But probably no sound.

        At neighbourhood pubs with TVs won't they usually put a game on if you ask? Where are you located? They always put on soccer when my DH asks at our local, The Jester on Danforth. Not great food but decent and their specials can be interesting.

        1. Anybody tried Imperia yet? The Kates review said the food was good, but complained they have tv's blaring sports. All I could think was "You kiddin'? Good food and playoffs?!? Heaven."

          1. Thanks for all the replies, guys. I'll check these places out. :-)

            As for the neighbourhood pubs, they won't always put a game on for me. :-( The Raps really aren't so popular. Quite a few of the Raptors games are on the special Raptors channel now anyway, which most places don't have. And they will certainly not put on sound.