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Apr 16, 2007 07:43 PM

Cheap caterers? Oh, and good...

I am doing 3 events soon (what am I thinking?) and I will need some caterers on a tight budget. Any suggestions? 2 events in LA and one in Laguna Beach.

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  1. How about a definition of "cheap" and maybe flesh out what you're expecting...

    1. If Hawaiian food is your thing, then I would highly recommend Ono Grill in San Gabriel and Monterey Park. Great shortribs, katsu, and spam musubi amongst many other good items.

      800 W Las Tunas Dr
      San Gabriel, CA 91776

      1975 Potrero Grande Dr Ste A
      Monterey Park, CA 91755

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      1. re: wakko11

        spam musubi! yum! simple, easy, and cheap!
        well, as far as caterers, do you need full-service or just pick-up? most "fast-food-type" restaurants do pick-up-style-catering and they're cheap (i.e. hawaiian bbq - as suggested above, el pollo loco, panda express). A lot of "formal-dining" restaurants can do full-service catering by request, but slightly on the higher end. it all depends on what exactly it is you're looking for... My suggestion is to check out your city/community calendar for local events. There are some casual caterers out there who showcase their specialties at local events, like farmers markets, street fairs, and "Taste of..." events.

        1. re: cheesecustard

          Ono Grill can deliver and provide limited service (e.g. buffet line type service). Ask to speak to the owner, Richard.

          They did a good job with my sister-in-law's baby shower.

          1. re: wakko11

            I am open to anything but it will be outdoors, kinda picnic-y. For the event in OC I need it to be something WOW (but that could be awesome tacos). I would really like to keep it to about $10 per person for the food.

            1. re: chowesq

              Not fancy, but Delicious...
              My favorite Taqueria has a travelling cart that they will take anywhere. 6 types of meat and they bring all the condiments. Asada, Al Pastor (THE best!), Tripitas, Carnitas, Chicken, Buche. Give Fernando a call - you won't be disappointed!
              Exquicitos Tacos
              (909) 873-0703 or
              (626) 278-6327

      2. in L.A. - Fritto Misto (full-service catering) or El Terasco (pick-up yourself) are fantastic, cheap options.