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Apr 16, 2007 07:22 PM

Need NAPA Valley Restaurant for lunch, and one for dinner

My parents are coming to Napa, and need a place to eat one lunch and one dinner.

They already have a reservation at Bouchon. They love food, and money is not an option (although the place doesn't have to be overly expensive)


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  1. Redd, also in Yountville is a standout, is the weather is nice, the outside seating is great.

    1. Ate at Mustard's Grill last weekend. Food was very good and the service was very friendly. About a 15 minute wait, even at 2 in the afternoon. Only drawbacks were the price (50% more than the same food in, say San Francisco) and the bartender, who didn't seem to give a crap about us.

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        If they like retro, Taylor's Refresher in St. Helena is wonderful. All my friends and relatives who come to Napa (where I live) make a pilgrimmage to Taylor's. It's a 1940's drive in with gourmet burgers (multiple options including an Ahi Burger) with great shakes, terrific sweet potatoe fries, 6 excellent draft beers and decent wine list. Food is eaten outside under the umbrellas/picnic tables.

        Go early for lunch (11:30 latest) for fabulous lunch to beat the hordes of tourists (eg. busses of visiting Japanese tourists) and get a seat.

        With Bouchon, 2 must do's in the Napa Valley!

      2. I much prefer Ad Hoc to Bouchon, but they're very different and can do both. As for lunch, Pizzeria Tra Vigne is not overly expensive and have decent pizzas.

        1. If money is not a problem, it is hard to beat the view from the deck at Auberge du Soleil.

          1. As a contrast to Bouchon, though always excellent, Zuzu in downtown Napa. Up Valley, in St. Helena, the sushi at Go Fish is also great (again, a contrast to Bouchon.)