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Apr 16, 2007 07:01 PM

Duck Confit in Paris

in preparation for our trip this fall, i want to book one restaurant where i know my husband will get the duck confit experience of his life. any recommendations? it doesn't have to be fancy, just slammingly good confit.

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  1. I just replied with this same recommendation to an inquiry above regarding cassoulet: Thoumieux. Not a fancy place in the least - old-fashioned, slightly boisterous, brasserie atmosphere, dependable food. Seriously good duck confit.

    1. A favorite of mine also; try D'Chez Eux, 2 ave Lowendal, Florimond,19 ave La Motte-Picquet, and Chez Flottes, rue Cambon, where it is served with Aligot, a sinfully good mashed potato dish. I would rate Thoumieux a tad below the others I mentioned. The Michelin red book will give you a list of other restaurants as well.

      1. Au Trou Gascon. I'm a professional cook in SF and a couple of weeks ago I ate the best confit (goose actually, not duck) at this one-star Michelin restaurant in the 12th.

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          Thanks, Brett. I haven't been there in a long time and it's good to hear it's still up to snuff!

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            I agree with the rec for the goose leg confit at Au Trou Gascon, very good. Another place I never see mentioned on this board that has an excellent confit is l'Oulette in the Bercy neighborhood a bit beyond the Gare de Lyon. The specialize in foods from the SW of France, expertly prepared. I have provided a link and a picture of the confit I had there in December.