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Apr 16, 2007 06:56 PM



I'm looking for a place to take out-of-town mom for mother's day brunch. We're planning to tour around napa valley that day - any recs? I'd prefer to stay under $100 - so no Domaine Chandon :-)

We may end up staying in SF area, so suggestions in the city/east bay/peninsula are also needed.

Any thoughts on Cliff House, Cetrella Bistro, Moose's, Angele's (Napa)???

Thanks much!!!!

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  1. It was a few years ago, but the Cliff House was one of the memorably worse buffets I have ever had. Is that $100 each or $100 for two?

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      Thanks for the info! I'm hoping to keep it around $100 for two - give or take.

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        Well, not Napa, but Rohnert Park, this place sounded decent as a Champagne brunch for $21.

        I've enjoyed Cetrella in the past.

        I haven't been to Moose's in a couple of chef's changes, but I imagine they remain decent.

    2. Brix in the Napa Valley has one of the nicest Sunday brunch buffets, for a very reasonable price (in the $30'spp). My family lives in Napa, and we regularly go to Sunday brunch here. Great food, and very pleasant ambience. Plus, after lunch, you can walk around their lovely gardens to help digest all that food you just ate.

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        I just called Brix because I didn't see the brunch mentioned on their website. They said that they don't have a regular Sunday brunch buffet anymore, but that they will have one on Mother's Day from 10am - 2pm. It will be $39.95 per person. During the rest of the year they will be serving brunch type dishes at lunchtime on Sundays, but they will have special brunch buffets on holidays -- they didn't specify exactly which holidays besides Mother's Day would have brunch buffets, though.

      2. Just went to Cliff House for Easter and the service started off horrible, I had to flag down our service person to start pouring champagne and keep my glass filled. After that, she was fine. The buffet, I felt, did not offer much selection, however, the roasted lamb they were serving was delicious. The weather was beautiful so you paid for the view. I would go elsewhere. I am actually going to try Anzu Restaurant in the Hotel Nikko for mother's day brunch this year, I've never been.

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          Thanks for th update on Cliff House. FYI ... and it has been many, many years, I hated brunch at Anzu. My mother got sick (nothing to do with the food) in the middle of it and the valet parking person made a snotty remark because I was trying to deal with my mother and I forgot the tip. I love Nikko Hotels otherwise. However, the brunch at the SF location wasn't that great to begin with. Hope you report back. Would be nice to see a positive report.

        2. Campton Place in San Francisco has a fantastic brunch...

          1. Foreign Cinema has the BEST brunch in the city. They make their own pop tarts in flavors like plum and fig, and they have the most delicious French toast I've ever tasted in my life. Not to mention the obvious plus of an incredible atmosphere with beauty al fresco dining! I would certainly recommend it.