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Apr 16, 2007 06:49 PM

Ronnie's Real Food

I heard once that Ronnie's Real Food is sort of "underground" because the restaurant is actually Ronnie's house. Is this true?

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  1. You mean Ronnie's Real(bad) Food. It is a house but I don't think it is a residence but a house converted to a restuarant. Went there once with some friends who had been there before for a company thing. They had enjoyed it but this time around all of us agreed the food was terribly bland and everyone was reaching for the salt. My salmon was cooked such that I could have bounced it off the floor like a rubber ball. The soup, white corn, pureed, had a mild corn flavor but had many globlets of grease floating on top of it. The soup needed some seasoning as well. The whole meal was mediocre but it cost 25 total, including tax and tip. I was told on another posting, perhaps here, perhaps Austin360, that the place was inconsistent. I don't intend to go again and find out.

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      Ew. Sounds downright nasty. When did you go? (Not that I'm really considering going at this point...)