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Apr 16, 2007 06:40 PM

Please help identify a sushi item

Just got back from an amazing trip to japan (1st time) and while at Tsukiji market we went to one of the sushi places (was jetlegged so didn't research which one was the best, but omakase set at this one turned out amazing to our tastes) where we were served the following item (took picture at Nishiki market later on)
the piece of sushi was quite large when topped by a mound of this and when put in the mouth i didn't get much taste -- the texture however was interesting, really soft and cold and not too unpleasant but not too flavourful either.

thanks for any help

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  1. this is the sushi place we ate this at

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      1. re: olia

        cod something--? maybe the intestines, salted? i'm interested to hear what it is, too!

    1. It's cod milt, called "shirako" (白子) in Japanese. It's often served with chopped scallions and a light ponzu broth. It's often served as an appetizer at sushi or seafood places.

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        Ah, you're right! I was looking at the "tara" not the "shira" on the sign.

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          Yes, it is definitely shirako. My favorite!

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          In case others didn't know, shirako (or cod milt) is the sperm sac of the cod fish. The one served at Sushi Dai is very good. It's served warmed in a nigiri.

        3. Thank you for all replies -- I'm happy to learn that we did not "waste" a Tsukiji sushi joint on a bad place (and I'm sure even "bad" there is still superior to general nyc sushi) and now i just wish i did more in-depth tasting of shirako nigiri. Oh well, next time ^-^

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            Hi Olia,

            I miss the sushi joints at Tsukiji market! However, I actually have not had shirako at Tsukiji, but had plenty in other places (including home-made by mom =D). They can be served as sushi, sometimes in ponzu or marinated, and my favorite is in nabe with some tofu and green. I also had tempura shirako before and it was decadent! The texture was kind of like fried sweetbread, very creamy inside and crispy outside, though the taste is more subtle than sweetbread (with a hint of "fish" taste). I have been trying to hard to find it in NYC last season but had missed it! Now you bring back my craving again!

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              Shirako tempura is one of my favourite tempura! The ones at Mikawa in Tokyo are excellent. That was where i have it the first time and can never forget how creamy it is!