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Apr 16, 2007 05:25 PM

cafe luxembourg

Cafe luxembourg - thoughts? Dining experiences to share?
How about for a special event for a party of 8?

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  1. Interested in a seriously archaic dining experience? I went to Cafe Luxembourg to celebrate my college graduation (20 - cough - years ago). My boyfriend-at-the-time ordered his steak well done, 'cause that's the way he likes steak. The waiter flatly refused to put the order in. BFATT insisted. Waiter sighed heavily, repaired to the kitchen, returned, and said the chef would prepare a well-done steak, but would take no responsibility for it. This was my introduction, at the tender age of 22, to snotty NYC customer-be-damned restaurant behavior. Still, we all enjoyed our food & the overall experience. Go! And stand up for yourself! I haven't been back to the place since; I'm curious how it is these days.

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      thanks for the advice

      anyone have a more recent dining experience there?

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        I've been a few times in the past year -- it's our go-to place after lincoln center, always a nice atmosphere and pleasant experience, solid food, no complaints. Nice Matin is a better brasserie in terms of the quality of the food, but have to admit I think the lighting and decor makes for a slightly classier-looking atmosphere at Lux, if that makes a difference to you. For a party of 8 I'm sure you'd enjoy yourselves, it's def got energy throughout the evening tho maybe not the louder bustle that NM has (maybe that's why Lux feels more sophisticated to me?)

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          yes i loved the duck breat and the service was great. my family loved their food too. sorry don't remeber what they ate it was about 1 year ago. i think compass, right next door, gets more love on chowhound. not sure why. i know luxembourg hired a new chef a couple years ago (not sure who) and consequently improved significantly. this is a long-standing uws institution/destination. i would travel from another hood to eat at this excellent restaurant... the room is lively, a tad noisy, but fun and festive... the bar area is also a terrfic place to eat. the bartenders are generally skilled as well..

      2. We eat there often. Good solid pleasant restaurant with invariably something interesting to eat. Pleasant buzz in the room from a varied UWS crowd. Often hard to get in because its such a reliable neighborhood place. Although its not a quiet place, Nice Matin is much noisier. Although I think the food is more special at NM, Lux has a more relaxed, pleasant feel. Maybe its because I'm there often and it feels comfortable.

        1. One of the fav places in NYC. A lovely room, lively buzz in the room always. Delightful wait-staff, in spite of small-h's memories. The cheeseburger is one of the best in NYC.

          Have fun.

          - Sean