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Apr 16, 2007 05:12 PM

cantaloupe ice cream recipe!

I want to celebrate

1. my new Cuisinart ice cream maker
2. a big sale on cantaloupe this week!
3. spring! *

I hunted online and found a couple of recipes but nothing with reviews/tips. Does anyone here have a recipe for this? I do want ice cream, not sorbet (I like that too, but I would like to try ice cream this week).

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  1. IIRC, the ben & jerry's ice cream book has a recipe for cantaloupe ice cream, in which they point out that they (or at least one of them) loves the stuff, but that they never figured out a way to mass produce it. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy handy, but maybe if you searched on a website of an internet bookseller you might find something.

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    1. re: another_adam

      for cantaloupe ice cream:
      First make ice cream base( vanilla creme anglaise):
      16 oz heavy cream
      16 oz milk
      2 tbsp vanilla pure extract or 1 vanilla bean
      1 cup sugar
      12 egg yolks
      In a pot pan bring milk , heavy cream and vanilla until start to boil,
      mix sugar and yolks and pour few hot cream and temper the egg yolks mixture,
      return to the stove and in low heat stir until the mixture reaches 160 F.
      Let cool ice cream base in ice bath. when is cool puree cantaloupe and add to the ice cream base. try when you think the have the good flavor you want.

      1. re: lipur

        As I recall, Ben & Jerry strain the pureed canteloupe and add the liquid at the beginning of freezing and the pulp at the end (minus any additional liquid that has accumulated, or else it will water down the ice cream). There might also be a dash of lemon in there to brighten up the subtle melon flavor. (I made it a couple times but unfortunately can't remember all the details precisely)