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Apr 16, 2007 04:26 PM

Mendocino and Vicinity

Going to Mendocino for a week. Staying about 15 miles south of town. Any suggestions on restaurants around Mendocine, including between Gualala to Ft. Bragg?

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  1. Just a reality check, given the winding nature of the roads and driving times, that is a pretty large geographic range to request. Gualala to Fort Bragg is about 60 miles and at least an hour and a half drive, possibly longer.

    Lots of reports on Mendocino restaurants if you do a search.

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      Most of the Mendocino reviews are rather old. We are staying in Elk. I posted a question about Elk last week and nobody replied. I gave the range from Gualala to Fort Bragg in the hope of getting some responses about places besides Mendocino.

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        I hope I am not too late- the Ledford House, 3000 N Hwy 1 at
        Albion is my favorite. See Owner host, Tony is friendly and charming; wife Lisa, chef & artist is a real find. The place is decorated with her soft sculpture and the food is marvelous. It is located on the ocean side of hwy 1 with a lovely view, if there is no fog. If I am reading my map correctly, it is about 6 of those winding miles north of Elk. The Little River Inn (at Little River, of course) is also very good just a few more miles north, but not as far a Mendocino..