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Apr 16, 2007 03:46 PM

Good Pork Chops and Eggs in Pasadena/LA?

I'm looking for some good pork chops and eggs for breakfast with my husband. He loves his pork chops so even if you guys know of a place that doesn't have them for breakfast, I'll take dinner suggestions too. I know a lot of steak houses have them, but I think I'm looking for more of a hole in the wall kind of place. I did a search on this topic and came up with a lot of HK style and asian style chops. I'm looking for some good ol' fashioned chops with mash potatoes and stuff. Comfort food. Thanks!

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  1. 54 Holly in Pasadena has a killer pork chop and eggs. The chop is nice and thick and it is definately a hole in the wall!!! Cash only. Address is 54 Holly :)

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      Thanks so much! I just checked out your link and started drooling when I saw that picture of the Carbonara from Tarrantino's.

    2. Are you really ready for hole-in-the wall?
      The Original Pantry Cafe

      Nick's Cafe
      Nicks Cafe
      1300 N Spring St
      Los Angeles, CA 90012
      (323) 222-1450
      Open Mon-Fri 5am-2pm Sat till 11am

      1. The only two I like are the Smoked Pork Chop at John O'Groats in W.L.A. and The Pork Chops at The Pines Cafe in Palmdale, both with Biscuits and Home Fries and your choice of eggs.