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Apr 16, 2007 03:36 PM

Ann Arbor Birthday Spot Recs?

It's a celebration. For a special night out for a birthday, which spot in Ann Arbor would be best? Moderately pricey is alright and seafood is out (no Gandy Dancer, Real Seafood Co., etc.). Some of my finalists: Cafe Zola, Eve, Mediterrano, Melange.

I'm putting a premium on atmosphere and wine list. I have only gotten cryptic recs concernind Mediterrano and Melange, if anyone has heard anything. Should I be considering a place not mentioned? I look to the ChowHound community to guide me in my romantic ventures.

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  1. Bella Ciao - , ; The Earle - - both are very romantic especially Bella Ciao.

    I liked Mediterrano, but it felt like a fancy Olive Garden.

    Is Cafe Zola still a laid-back breakfast joint/coffee shop with serve yourself tables?

    1. I am a HUGE fan of Eve and Bella Ciao. I would not bother going to Mediterrano, it's ok but not worth a nice night out. I love Zola as well but the service is pretty crappy and be quite frustrating especially for a romantic dinner.
      Hope you have a great night.

      1. I went to Pacific Rim for my birthday last year and it was delicious and had great service; however, it might have too much seafood because of the Asian-fusion thing.

        1. I would say #1 The Earle, it has the best wine list in the whole state last I checked. And great atmosphere as well.

          If those are your two primary criteria that's where I'd go.