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Apr 16, 2007 03:24 PM

Before you throw out your worn Calphalon - try the warranty!

I had a Calphalon One 13" chef's skillet with a glass lid that I absolutely loved and used almost daily for about a year. I noticed that things started sticking and that there were some rough spots where it had been wonderfully nonstick before. Seemed like the Teflon might be rubbing off. (I know there are lots of threads discussing how bad Teflon might be, but that's another topic.) Anyway, I wasn't able to restore the nonstick by cleaning it as directed by the manufacturer. I was about to throw out the pan but I noticed a thread here on CH where someone said that they'd gotten a replacement under the lifetime warranty. I sent the pan back to Calphalon ($17 through UPS, but a lot cheaper than $100 for a new pan). About 4 weeks later, a brand new skillet arrived. So, even though I can't say that Calphalon One is particularly durable (I was always very careful about how I used and cleaned the skillet), I have to give the company props for great customer service.

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  1. Mine went to Goodwill. The shipping price was too high. Calph says they'd first "evaluate" whether the item is not right b/c of defect - or - misuse. I didn't want to take the chance that they would say I misused it, and then be out the shipping $$. TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Home Goods has tons of Calph pans, often reduced for clearance. I chose to get one of those instead of sending it back.