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Apr 16, 2007 02:55 PM

Near the Hilton New York?

Looking for good American, moderately priced, non-touristy, non-chains near the Hilton New York (1335 Ave of Americas).


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  1. For a fun lunch, you might try the "secret" burger joint, which is hidden in the lobby of the Parker Meridian. 118 W 57th Street (near 6th Ave.) Lines get quite long at peak times, but it's a tasty burger and fun location.

    1. You might try Beacon, on 56th.

      1. Walk west to 9th Avenue, many good moderately priced choices there. I work in the neighborhood and have had many lunch specials: Afghan Kebab House, Eatery, Pan Chang, Roberto Passon, Arriba. All good, can't comment about dinner though. Definitely go to Kyotofu for dessert on 48th & 49th on 9th, yummy mini chocolate miso cake.