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Apr 16, 2007 02:43 PM

37th ave. Jackson Heights

I have little experience in this part of town but would love to explore some good ethnic restaurants, markets, taco stands or whatever the area has to offer. I love food and I'm always looking for places to explore and indulge myself in a good scarf.

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  1. It's full of places to explore. I suggest you look at some recent Jackson Heights threads because there's so much. You can start at 73rd Street or so with the Indian markets and Raj Bhog for sweets. La Porteña at 75th for Argentine, Food Bazaar for all sorts of ethnic groceries. There's the new bakery between 77th and 78th which is an offshoot of Viniero's. The Pan Latin place for cocktails and nibbles across from the post office, the name of which escapes me at the moment. You can get some pretty good Colombian food at La Boina Roja at several locations and Pollos a la Brasa Mario on 83rd. El Chivito d'Oro is Uruguayan steaks and pasta (similar in food to La Porteña but brighter and not so atmospheric) at 84th. La Picada Azuaya has pretty good Ecuadorian food across the way. Then there's Don Francisco's butcher shop around 86th. In the next block you have La Nueva bakery with lots of goodies. Almost next door is a good Peruvian place called Inti Raymi. I haven't been to many of the places in the next few blocks. Around 92nd or 93rd, there's a Venuezuelan place.

    I'm probably forgetting something, but that's just 37th Avenue. The taco stands are on Roosevelt Ave. 37th is sedate compared to Roosevelt, but they're only one block apart.