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Apr 16, 2007 02:36 PM

columbus, ohio in may..

a friend and i will be in columbus over memorial day weekend and we're looking for recs on places to eat for all meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner. we're into good food but don't want to spend too much. she's a vegetarian and so i'm thinking steakhouses aren't probably going to cut it for the four days that we're there.

it would also be great to get fun bar or nightspot places to hang out. we're not the type to get all dressed up, but we do like to go out and have fun!

thanks in advance-

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. ah..right. that would be columbus, ohio. :)

    2. Too many to list . . . Northstar (organic wespecially good breakfasts), Figlio (Italian - try the chicken and mushroom ravioli), Cuco's (Mexican - try the fish tacos), Old Bag of Nails (try the fish and chips), the Vietnamese place at North Market (best meal in town for $5 - try the pho). There's a few ideas, anyway. It's late.

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      1. re: chrisohio

        those are great ideas! we're only in town for 4 days, 3 nights so that's plenty! i'm writing these down right now...

        1. re: chrisohio

          Fish taco's in Columbus? Yum. Where is Cuco's?

          1. re: spfldOHchow

            Yeah, about those fish tacos. Expect a small fish stick in a taco with some special sauce. It's tasty, alright, but hardly what I would prefer. Stick to the al pastor and the carnitas. Haven't tried the chicken, and I didn't like the beef barbacoa. Their horchata is seriously good, you must get it. Their sopes are good, too.

        2. Bexley, just east of Columbus on I-70, is full of restaurants and nightspots. They have a Cosi there, good sandwiches. That's next to the Bexley Monk, which has a good variety and great pizza. German Village and the Brewery District are also options for you, all off of I-70.

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          1. re: Fibber McGee

            is there a specific place in german village that you'd recommend? thanks for the other recs!

            1. re: katg

              I like Club 185 on Livingston Avenue in German Village for a bar. It is nice and usually has a good crowd. German Village also has some really nice restaurants, like Lindey's and G. Michael's ( They are both meat-heavy, but G. Michael's has some pasta dishes. I would also recommend The Burgundy Room in the Short North for great small plates of fancy food and a nice wine bar.

              1. re: Lauren in OH

                just checked out the link for the burgrandy room - sounds perfect for my friend who loves wine and for me who loves food. and for the both of us who are on a budget!

                1. re: katg

                  The Short North has lots of little restaurants, bars, funky galleries, interesting shops, etc. It is definately fun to explore there and you don't have to dress up.

                  1. re: Budser1228

                    fantastic. are there any places near the ohio expo center? i think we're going to get tickets to see corteo one night which will probably be our one night of dressing up!

                    my aunt and uncle who are both osu alums have given us a few places to check out for eating but they tend to be more of the steak and potatoes and less on the foodie side.

                    1. re: katg

                      The Ohio Expo center is in kind of a deserted neighborhood. I would probably eat in the Short North area or further north High Street and then head up there. For a more "dress-up" meal in that area with veggie options, I'd recommend Alana's. It's kind if exoensive, but the food is great.