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Apr 16, 2007 02:25 PM

New Orleans-style drinks & dishes

Well, the New Orleans Jazz Fest is 10 days away and I won't be there. My plans fell apart and so instead some friends and I are going to celebrate the inimitable élan of the Crescent City right here in the Hub. Hurricanes, crawdads and jammin' jazz are the order of the day and we plan to hit many corners of the city.

Any suggestions?? I know Magnolia's specializes in fine Nawlin's fare. Any other spots to get great, groovin' grub & grog with that fabulous NOLA flavor?

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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  1. One problem: Boston's bars/restaurants by law cannot serve a 46-ounce drink like a French Quarter hurricane. Nor can you cruise around Beantown with a "go-cup". So make sure you fill the tank beforehand...

    Another problem: Even if you COULD find Nawlins-style food and spirits anywhere in Boston (or New England, for that matter), you will certainly not find Nawlins-style folks who enjoy seeing you full of good food, loaded, and having a great time. It's just not the way it is there, as you've probably found out by now.

    My suggestion: locate your Zydeco CDs, invite those friends over and make your own feast. Gumbo, jambalaya, red beans/rice, catfish--all are easy to prepare. You won't spend a fortune, you won't have to drive.

    And you won't have to deal with LAST CALL at 1:00 am!!!!

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      Well, Beantown is what you make of it, I guess, and I think we definitely want to get out and about (no fun being cooped up in my little apartment all night wishing I were in the bayou). Hmmm, go-cups are out, but maybe flasks of hurricanes would do! :) And if we can't order 46-ouncers, we'll just have to spring for 4 11.5-ouncers! (We're probably better off not being able to get anything in those proportions anyway! Imagine the damage...) Maybe Bob's Southern Bistro would have crawfish étouffé or catfish. I'll stick some Beausoleil and Dr. John on my iPod and crank it up with shared earbuds between stops. I guess I'm looking for suggestions of what Boston _does_ have to offer in this vein, however little it may be!

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        Typically Johnny D's would have something scheduled (music wise) during that period, but apparently not this year.

        I like Magnolia's for what it is, they have a pretty good festival menu, sell Abita beer, and generally a good attitude. The chef trained in NOLA, so he and his staff should be cool with a generally good time. I mean it ain't cochon de lait po boys and beers on the fairgrounds, but nothing else really is anyway.


        I checked Bob's menu, as they often do something during this time too, plus they have live jazz most nights. Food was ok last time I was there - might want to call them about a special menu.

        Maybe cap off an early dinner there then head to Wally's for some more jazz. While not as refined as some of the stuff you'd hear at many of the random bars in NOLA, it's not bad and there is no cover (two drink minimum, get there BEFORE 9 PM for a table). It gets crowded.

        Summershack used to have a crawfish festival, somehow associated with LSU alums, but open to the public too I think. Not sure about that.

        Ellis Marsalis is playing Scullers on Friday 4/28.

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          Though nothing else about it is particularly New Orelans-themed (not even the right time zone!), Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square serves amazing sazeracs. And of course, they ARE just across the street from that less high-class New Orleans import, Popeye's....

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            No. 9 does too (makes good Sazeracs).

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              Wow, that's a new one for me - the Sazerac. How did I miss it with my many trips to the Big Easy? It's been duly added to our list for the outing... Yum!

              1. re: mollymac

                Supposedly , the Sazerac is the original "cocktail" and was formulated at the old Roosevelt Hotel which is now the Fairmont just off Canal Street. If my memory holds, one of the bars at the Fairmont is named Sazerac. It's a worthwhile stop if you're ever in New Orleans for Christmas. They enjoy worldwide renown for the way they decorate the ground floor....

                1. re: mardy

                  Thanks a lot for the tip! I'm always interested in new (old) discoveries in NOLA!

                  1. re: mollymac

                    Deep Ellum also serves great sazeracs and who knows maybe the wurst plate will be a great jumbalaya or gumbo.

                  2. re: mardy

                    Unfortunately you won't be seeing the Fairmont decorated for Christmas anymore. Last word was the Fairmont won't be reopening and is supposed to be on the auction block.

                    I really can't see that place not reopening in some form or another.