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Apr 16, 2007 02:22 PM

Red Bertazzoni Range

I just saw the Bertazzoni 30" range and fell in love with the style, quality and cost. I would love to have it in a color - but a $700 dollar price tag seems steep for the added color...any thoughts?

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  1. We have had a 30" stainless Bertazzoni for about three months now. Love the look of it with the interesting handles as opposed to dials.....the burners are adequate for our cooking needs.....the price was right as we didn't really need a Wolf, Dacor, etc....the having to open the oven door to light is not a big deal as it is for some people. Regualting the oven temp takes some time since it is a handle and not a dial but once you figure out exactly where 450 is the oven gets to that temp and maintains.

    As to your question.....I agree that $700 is alot to pay for a color but they really do look very cool. If one of their colors really fit into my kitchen decor than I might go for it....I also would have to think that I would not be changing my kitchen decor for quite some time.

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    1. re: RobertinRedBank

      Thanks for the reply, Robert - I made the call today and am taking the plunge with the deep red (vino) color. With my old pine floors, 2 oriental runners, cream colored cabinets - I think it will be a show stopper! Another question: How do you like the convection - We currently use ours a lot and I have heard some complaints about fan noise with the professional-end ranges. Patty

      1. re: pattydy

        Sounds as if the Berta will fit in perfectly! Yes the fan is only comparision is with a friend who has a big Viking and his is alot quieter than ours.

        On other close attention to the cleaning instructions. Not sure how your vino finish differs from stainless but we have found that anything other than soap and water and a soft cloth will mar the finish. I never have seen any stainless that was so sensitive.

        1. re: RobertinRedBank

          I am thinking seriously about buying the Bertazzoni range- but after reading the comments here, I am concerned about the sensitivity of the stainless and having to light the stove. When you say that the stainless finish mars - do you mean that it scratches or damages it- or does it just smear? Also- do you have to light the stove by hand each time you use it? I thought it had automatic ignition...

          1. re: biogeek

            I'm ready to purchase, but would like to hear more - did you purchase? Are you glad you did?

        2. re: pattydy

          I just bought the stove in red as well! I have to wait a long time for my kitchen to be finished and can't wait. Do you have a pic of your kitchen it sounds awesome!!!

        3. re: RobertinRedBank

          I just bought a bertazzoni but didn't research it completely. what do you mean
          you have to open door to light oven? Are we talking with a match? I don't need consumer features like self-cleaning, timers, etc. BUT I'm terrified of lighting
          pilot lights. Can you please elaborate? Thanks.

          1. re: burnswater

            I just downloaded the User manual for the Bertazzoni Stove - my Dad saw it in the showroom and he's in love with it. Anyways - regarding opening the door - I believe its a safety issue. What you need to do is open the door, set the temperature you want and then you press the stove knob in - this will tell the stove to go ahead and let the gas flow and it will ignite the oven. Then you can close the door.
            Actually I'm assuming they did this for safety - with BBQs you're supposed to open the cover before igniting them also.

            You can find the user manual here:

          2. re: RobertinRedBank

            Any updates since April? I'm thinking of buying the cooktop only in stainless.

          3. We are ordering our 36" in the vino as well. We figure with the cost of the entire kitchen remodel already over budget another $700 and we'll have a showpiece as well.

            However, did I rad correctly? Do we need to light the oven everytime we use it? Or is it, turn on gas which lights pilot and we press some buttun and, wa-la! We have operation

            1. The oven goes as low as 50ºF. I am about to order a red 36" dual fuel Bertazzoni 6 burner. I know professional cooks who owns these stoves.

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              1. re: Cissik

                A little late to chime in here, but we LOVE our Bertazzoni. We went with SS because of the money.
                Our dealer told us that the painted ones go down the street to the Ferrari factory to get painted.
                If that's true I guess it would explain the cost.

                1. re: fmdualexhaust

                  I bought the red 36" dual fuel Bertazzoni. Wow! I love everything about it. STainless steel scratches no matter what I have a stainless counter top on my new island and had it finished with a swirling motion. So scratches just blend in! The Berta's convection is awesome. It cooks so accurately. The simmer burner actually simmers without burning. And I use cast iron pots that truly hold heat. I also installed the new electric oven that is 24' by Bertazzoni. I use it for bread only. I've just never experienced such accuracy before in baking. My kitchen remodel was done in 9 weeks. We gutted our kitchen and put in new everything. The Bertas are worth every penny I paid for them. I love cooking in my new digs. If anyone wants to know about the Bertas, ask me.

                  1. re: Cissik

                    Cissik -
                    I looking for a 48" range with griddle and my neighbor has the Berta all gas and loves it but has only had it for a few months. I am leaning more towards the dual fuel. I have read many comments about hot heat blowing into the kitchen from the oven. I did not find this true with the gas but cannot find a dual fuel to test - the electric ovens have 2 fans where as the gas only has one. What is your experience with the electric ovens? I live in Texas so it gets very hot here. The new model does show you that the oven is to your temp - correct? How long have you had the Berta? Any more advice would be great. I continue to search other ranges because of all the mixed reviews.

                    1. re: vpeckham

                      Hi there: I too would be interested in how you are liking the Bert. I've done more research than I ever thought possible for a range (!) and have narrowed it down to the Bert 36", the Verona Pro, the American Range and the Electrolux. The Bert and Verona have smaller ovens which I like because unless you are cooking for holidays/huge meals, you are wasting a lot of energy heating up a 5+ cu ft. oven. OK, so I can't fit two cooking sheets in depth-wise, but that's not a deal breaker. My concerns with the Bert and the Verona are the variable burner btus with 15000 being the highest (one burner) then only one at are moderate / low btu. Have you found that to be an issue when cooking multiple pots at once (i.e., are you lacking btu strength?). Any other input would be greatly welcomed! I do like the looks of the Bert...esp. in the high gloss black--but I also would like this range to last A LONG time! Thanks!!

                      1. re: sbc865

                        Hi all, You can fit two large cooking sheets across. You have 29" inside the dual fuel Berta oven with a 36" stove. I clean the surface with soapy cloth rag. All my stainless surfaces with scratch with anything hard. The surface around the burners is so very easy to clean. The trick is to do it right away. If you don't, just soak it with a wet rag. It's so much easier to clean than my Dacor stove which was also SS. I can't tell you how accurate this stove cooks. We did our Thanksgiving turkey using the convection mode. It was crispy on the outside ( our desire) and moist on the inside. It took two hours and 15 mins to do a 16 lb bird. It broils beautifully. I have absolutely no complaints. I have the bright red (Rosso) color. Wipes up clean without any hassles. I use our small Berta only for bread. It has a stone tray in it with its broiler pan. I use the 5 Minute method for doing bread. I've also used the big oven for my pan bread. There was a rebate going on when I bought my Berta last year. I received $400 off and that paid for the color. If you have any questions, shoot.

                        1. re: Cissik

                          great input...appreciate it. and I think it'll be the Bertazzoni for me. Also, FYI to anyone thinking of this range--they are offering a free hood w/purchase of 36"-plus range (two hood model options) -- check it out on their website (through June 30 or while supplies last, but it needs to be through a participating authorized dealers, so no web-stores).

                          1. re: sbc865

                            My red 36"Bert is in and we could not be happier!! I was worried about committing to color but it really makes my mute palate pop. It cooks very well. We used a glass hood fan in the same red from Zephyr and I think it completes the look.

                            1. re: weeters

                              That is one slammin' stove! I have major appliance envy now.

                              1. re: weeters

                                Hi there! I actually picked the same range/ hood combo and have been dying to see what it would like together. Your kitchen looks amazing! I wanted to do the black and was worried that bertazzoni would be a flat black while the zephyr is glossy. Verona has a black glossy range but it's a lot more expensive. Whats your opinion on the color match and is there anyway you can post more photos of the completion? I have to place my order ASAP so I would really appreciate your help! Thank you , Sara

                            2. re: Cissik

                              We are looking at the 30 gas berta, our main concern is the lack of the self cleaning feature. The salesman said that the berts uses a additive in the enamel that helps it clean up easily, mainly with just a sponge and water , What do you have to say about that ? We have several kids the the oven get fairly messy. We use the self cleaning mode about 2x a year. Thanks

                              1. re: not the cook

                                The colored areas are so easy to wipe clean. Don't use anything but dish soap and water. I can't tell you how accurate the dual fuel oven is. I test recipes for publication. It is so awesome that it cooks exactly as it should. I'll have to post photos of my new kitchen. Everyone seeing the red stove are so excited. How can you go wrong? Great looks and spectacular performance.
                                I love to watch the program on the Cooking channel called Bitchin Kitchen. Boy! Does she have red!

                                1. re: Cissik

                                  I just realized that the all gas stove does not have a timer either. Are you just using a stand alone timer ? There are several times that we are using the timer on our microwaive AND the stove we have now at the same time. We are starting to shy away from the berta because of that and that it does not have the slef clean feature. Thanks for any info. We also liked the red but not willing to dedicate the kitchen to that color , but it does look GOOD !

                                  1. re: not the cook

                                    I use a stand alone timer. My other Bertazzoni has a built in timer. I'm urging you to consider the dual fuel range. It performs perfectly. the convection works better than the gas convection. Other than price, I don't know why people choose gas ovens. Professionals use electric. I love the gas burners but sooooo prefer the electric convection, Maybe it;s because I do a lot of bread.

                                    1. re: Cissik

                                      Okay, this is seriously weird. I have never heard of this brand, but just yesterday saw the red stove in a local ad and then Googled and found the website.

                                      I also have some range-envy. I have a dual-fuel now, but nothing like this!

                                      I'd love to be one of those 7 Mega-Millionaires right now. That winning ticket was sold just two blocks from my office in Albany!

                                      1. re: breadchick

                                        Hi everyone.. a little late to the game here, but doing some research on ranges.. we're planning for a 36" dual-fuel.. I can't believe people are content without the self clean...?? could it be true? I'm a working mom of 2 and definitely have other things to do with oven-cleaning time.. I have read up a bunch, and love the look of the Bertazzoni, but haven't had much luck finding many reviews.. I see lots of you were thinking about purchasing last month, or had just purchased.. can you anyone give me a little more input on their feelings on them? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Mixed reviews? I cook a LOT and am looking for a great new range (which I deserve!) that won't completely break the bank.

                                        1. re: sbflagg

                                          I have enjoyed everything about my Bertazzoni and like you, couldn't find very many reviews. The ones i did find wee very positive, especially about their servicing. I have to agree. I had a sensor go out and it was replaced immediately. The stove has a two year warranty,1 year longer than Wolf and Viking. The Berta is equivalent to a Viking stove, just not the price. It's very easy to clean and the self-cleaning function is awesome. No bad words here. I test recipes for publication and have to have a perfect functioning burner and oven. It has passed so many tests that all I can do is RAVE!

                                          1. re: Cissik

                                            Thanks Cissik.. have you tried other high end rangs also? My husband is a bit leary because he hadn't heard of it.. which I can understand.. what made you pick the Berta? Price alone? How were you convinced?

                                            1. re: sbflagg

                                              I have cooked on both a Wolf and Viking. The Bertazonni is easier to clean and the burners and oven are dead accurate and easy to use. I love that the two center burners are identical in size and BTU output. I place my favorite grill pan over them. The forward front left burner is the largest with two burners. The back right burner is the second largest. The front right burner is the simmer burner and I leave a cast iron pot on it for hours at its lowest setting. It actually simmers. No other stove, including a Dacor could do that. The lowest setting on any of the other stoves burners would burn anything I tried to cook. I do mean that this Berta is worth the money. It completely satisfies my cooking needs. Yet, I do understand your husband's concern. Rest assured this company has been building stoves for over 100 years. That's what I had to go on. And, I do love my red!

                                              1. re: Cissik

                                                Thanks so much Cissik. I am an admitted roaster.. I love it.. but i also love baking.. I wouldn't say I do a ton of it, but I hope to bake some more bread once we remodel, so I'm thrilled that oven temp gets rave reviews.. How is the oven size? I've seen a lot of people mention that it's small.. (Or perhaps I'm confusing it with another). I do have a large extended family that gets together pretty regularly.. we'll have to be hosting some pretty big meals.. I'll need decent oven space, although it needn't be commercial.. truth be told, I'm mostly concerned about fitting a giant turkey in there for Thanksgiving.. Thanks for all the help.. I do like the sound & look of the Berta.. I'm going to go check one out & see how it feels.

                                                1. re: sbflagg

                                                  You'll love the three different convection feature and the bread proofing feature. The oven is long, 33" of usable space by 16" depth. So your largest pan which is usually 15" clears easily. i cooked our entire Thanksgiving dinner in it. I do have a separate 24" wall oven by Bertazzoni actually under my counter that only does bread. I have a bread stone and broiling pan in there all the time. If you've heard of the 5 Minute A Day people. I follow their bread methods as it's phenomenal. I often bake bread in the large oven. Any new oven will be reduced in size of they have large convection and cooling fans and still fit in a 24' counter space. Keep bakin'

                                                  1. re: Cissik

                                                    Cissik -
                                                    I have heard that more hot air is blown back into the kitchen from the dual fuel bert. compared to other ovens. Do you notice this? Also, do you have the griddle on your range? If so, do you like how it cooks? Thanks

                                                    1. re: vpeckham

                                                      All new ovens have this cooling air feature. I didn't notice a difference when I was trying the Viking and Wolf. How are people able to compare this feature. The oven has to be turned on, be hot for quite awhile and then see how long and how hot it blows for X number of minutes? I haven't found any store willing to do this. I was able to be in other people's homes. I use my own griddle. I love it and it was cheaper than buying any offered by the stove companies. With the even btu burners, you can control the heat to have exact heating with both burners. A huge plus in my book.

                                                      1. re: Cissik

                                                        The comment was saying the Bert was hotter than their prior ovens. I called the company about this and they said it is the position of how it blows into the room and they have had some complaints. I was just curious if it was an issue with you since you have used your Bert for awhile. I live in a very hot area so thought this might be a problem. Some people just need to have something to complain about. I am thinking of the 48 with griddle. Thanks for your feedback.

                                                        1. re: vpeckham

                                                          Well.. I went to see the Berta live. I just can't believe how small the oven is!! Wide yes.. and that was great, but it's SO SHORT! I have to host alternate Thanksgivings where we'll well over a 20 lb bird.. outside of butterflying it (ha-ha) I can't see it fitting in there.. and we don't have space for a wall oven. that's made me so sad!! It looks like we may need to head to a pricier one (ugh).. thermadore or monogram...thoughts?

                                                          1. re: sbflagg

                                                            I measured the depth before I bought it. It is 16", I don't own a pan larger than that, do you? Cooked a 20 lb bird last year and a ham and side dishes yesterday for a large family. You put everything in sideways and take advantage of the width of the oven.

                                                            1. re: Cissik

                                                              Sorry.. I should have clarified.. shortest height wise... I usually have a 25-28 lb bird for the family.. those suckers end up tall!! It is nice & wide & deep.. but short..

                              2. re: Cissik

                                Cissik (or anyone)

                                What are the inside dimensions of the small oven? I assume by small you mean 24" oven?

                                Anyone out there with the speed ovens? Would love to hear if they are worth it or not?

                                Also, debating on the 24" oven and Speed Oven, instead of getting one 30" oven. Just the two of us and we live in Texas (hot, hot) so debating the merits of smaller ovens vs. larger?

                    2. I just saw the black Bertazonni 120cm range and fell in love with it too! The one I saw was a duel fuel from the Masters Series with 5 burners & two ovens. Sadly, the Professional Range has to be specially imported and will take waaay too long to arrive.

                      I've not heard much of this brand as it's new in Malaysia. From the info I've gathered online, there are quite a few positive comments about the brand but I suspect most of them are referring to the Professional Series which is double the price of the Masters here. Apart from the knobs, does anyone know what the difference is? Oven performance, stove, quality perhaps?

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