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Apr 16, 2007 02:10 PM

St. Louis-Laumeier Sculpture Park Area Eats?

I've never been to Laumeier Sculpture Park and am not familiar with the area. I'd like to go this spring, however, and was wondering if anyone could offer a suggestion as to places to eat in the area.


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  1. Close to the park is a St Louis Bread Co. a Sushi restraurant on Lindbergh, Smugala's for pizza and a few other chain restaurant. My best recommendation for a nice lunch would be Cafe Provencale about ten minutes north on Lindbergh in Kirkwood.

    1. Also, Blue Water Grill is right up there close to Cafe Provencal.

      1. If you follow the road from the entrance of the park and get to Lindbergh, Tokyo Sushi is right there at the corner. Just south of Tokyo Sushi is Gianino's, an Italian place where the customers often include a couple of generations - looks like they have been regulars for years.

        1. Growler's Pub is also very close. They've got 130 beers, and some pretty decent food. I'd second Cafe Provencal as well.

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          1. re: sheriffblalock

            Um, I would go to Cafe Provencal. Smugala's is so-so. I think there is a Helen Fitzgerald's which is also just OK. Everything else is just OK. Growlers is great for beers, but the food has regressed.

            Really, nothing to write home about until you get going pretty far from there.

            1. re: Phaedrus

              I vote no to Smugala's. To give you an idea of the place, it's where all the teen and preteen softball teams go after the game... if you are too old for Chuckie Cheese, you go to Smugala's.

              How about Spencer's Grill on Lindbergh (Kirkwood) for a diner experience.

              Steak and Rice is a decent Chinese place at Lindbergh and Big Bend.

              Right behind S and R on Big Bend, you can go to Richard's Ribs for some BBQ.

              1. re: Extreme Glow

                Wow! Thanks to all for the recommendations. I've not been to Cafe Provencal and since I believe this will be agreeable to everyone in our party, it looks like this will be the place. Thanks again!

                1. re: pat10754

                  It's pobably too late, but for pizza in St. Louis Dewey's and Racanelli's are up in Kirkwood. I've never been to Sesame, a Chinese restaurant on Waston, but the "word" is pretty good. A little further south than Tokyo Sushi on Lindbergh (at Baptist Church Rd.) is a new teppenyaki place, Shogun, that is like every other teppenyaki place I've been to. Fun for a group. They also serve decent but unremarkable sushi.

                  But hey -- Cafe Provencal i a good bet.

                  1. re: Richard 16

                    Sesame is better than the typical americanized sweet stuff that passes for chinese here, which still isn't saying much. IMO the only worthwhile chinese food is on olive.