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Apr 16, 2007 01:53 PM

Parc Hollywood Reviews Sought

I'm looking for any recent reviews of Parc Restaurant in Hollywood. Please let me know if the food measures up to the hip factor.

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  1. Unfortunately food does not measure up to the hip factor. Which isn't even that hip in my opinion. The decor is really nice, but they left the cement floor which still gives you the feeling of being inside a warehouse. The indoor tree is really cool though.

    Food was mediocre. I ordered seared scallops expecting a few large ones, but instead got a bowl with lots of the little tiny ones in an oily sauce. Crab cakes were good but the mixture had too much mayo in it. Mini-kobe beef burgers were hard and dense, especially bad in comparison to the delicious ones I had recently in the bar at Cut.

    But it is a fun atmosphere and there were lots of hot girls eating there. So good enough if you are out for a fun night drinking in Hollywood and a snack.

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      I went two weeks ago, and the Kobe beef burgers that we had were excellent, perfectly seaosned and grilled to medium rare, very juicy... but I guess that just shows that they're somewhat inconsistent.

      We also had the scallops which were disappointing. The borsin cheese and artichoke fritters were quite tasty. The Chilean Sea Bass and the seared tuna were both just kinda average. The corn risotto was quite tasty.

      All in all, it was a decent meal, much better than the one I had at the Republic a week ago.

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        I'm going to Parc tonight. Anyone else been? Is it really pricey?

    2. I dont agree with the last review at ALL. I went to parc just last week and had a great experience there. The food, service and overall ambiance of the place was wonderful.
      Not sure how long ago that last review was written, but maybe you should give it another try...

      1. I went to Parc and remember some dishes to be very tasty and some not so good. It really depends on what you order, i guess. It's been a while so I don't remember exactly which dishes I had but I remember a fish dish to be good and the scallops, not so much.

        The prices on the menu are very reasonable, HOWEVER, the portions are REALLY small. So if you want a full stomach, you do have to order quite a bit. So your bill can add up really fast. The decor is really nice and there is a DJ spinning cool music (not too loud). It's definitely worth checking out but it's definitely not going to be a life changing meal.

        1. I've been there for both dinner and happy hour and by FAR the reason to go there is for happy hour. For dinner, the dishes are good (and yes, small) but also inconsistent. As for happy hour, the drink menu is absolutely delicious and from 6pm - 9pm they are only $5. They also have mostly $8 bites (some $10) during happy hour and that is totally worth it because everything on there they haven't figured out how to ruin with their inconsistency, as far as I can tell. The beef skewers taste just like little tiny steaks on sticks and are deliciously juicy. I also recommend the awesome crab mac 'n cheese. It's not crowded so come here to mean business - happy hour business. :)