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Apr 16, 2007 12:41 PM

Any recommendations for the inland empire such as Claremont or Rancho Cucamonga??

Going on a date and would like to find something interesting not corprate out there. I am looking for something interesting with really good food. Help!!

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  1. Tuttu Mangia (not sure about the spelling), an Italian place in the Claremont Village is pretty good. It's a nice date place too. Nice atmosphere and environment.

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      This is my favorite fancy dinner place in Claremont too. The caesar salad is especially delicious. I believe it's spelled Tutti Mangia.

      There are any number of cute places to go in the Claremont Village. Food won't blow your mind, but there are good eats to be had.

      Interesting, but very casual: Saca's for gyros, falafel, baklava. Flourscent lights, no table service.

      Interesting, and our favorite date place when we were in college: Yianni's Greek restaurant. This is a tiny tiny place, but so charming. The lamb shanks and avoglemono soup are delicious, and they give you a mini baklava and glass of sherry after your meal. It's romantic in its own way--casual, but candlelit and less crowded than some other restaurants around there.

      Harvard Square Cafe is another slightly nicer place. Casual, but with white tablecloths and perfectly fine for a date or nice group dinner. Standard American far.