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Apr 16, 2007 12:19 PM

Vito's Pizza

Tried Vito's for the first time on Sunday. We arrived late afternoon and the place was hopping. Only about half the tables were full, but apparently they either do lots of deliveries, or pick up phone orders, or both. The phone was ringing off the hook. From what I could tell there were 3-4 people working. Vito himself manned the pizza oven, another guy in the kitchen appeared to be taking care of the non-pizza orders, and the front counter guy took orders and answered the phones. I ordered the cheese and sausage pizza with extra sausage, my friend got the sausage and peppers sub. After placing our order I noticed that the few open tables needed bussing. I asked the counter guy if the busser could come out. He kinda shrugged and laughed a little and said something like 'yeah - busser, I'm the busser, I'll get to it as soon as I can.' I asked if it'd be OK for me to bus the table. Sure. As I cleaned off the table Vito made joking comments about my chutzpah. We laughed. Then he asked what I'd ordered, and commented that he'd make sure my pizza was great. True to his word the pizza was PERFECT

A crisp crust with just the right combination of cheweyness and crispness. Just the right amount of perfectly seasoned sauce, and flavorful~savory Italian sausage. And the whole glorious thing was perfectly cook. My friend downed his sausage and pepper sub, and then lit into the pizza. Upon finishing my friend said 'I can't believe how much I ate, but I couldn't stop myself, it was all so good' All in all, it's a cute little place with a fun crew and great food. I've lived in Los Angeles for eons, and pretty much I'd resigned myself to the fact that good pizza just doesn't exist here - no longer. We have Vito's!

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    1. i also recently discovered the perfection of this pizza. i got a whole pie since i think they give off a better taste than the parbaked slices, but i was completely blown away. perfect chewy crust with a slight crisp to it, nice sauce, and excellent toppings (pepperoni & sausage). i was also impressed by the cheese i got in my to-go box. it was the good stuff and not the crap that comes in the green can. anyone looking for a true NY Style pizza needs to look no further. only suggestion is that if you're going to pick up during the dinner rush, bring someone along so that one person can sit in the car while the other runs in. parking was rough when i was there.

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        I was excited about trying this place, after having lived in Manhattan for six years. It is good pizza, has the nice thin chewy crunchy crust, the slightly milky cheese flavor, slightly browned cheese but something just seemed to be missing, maybe just a little too orderly to be NY for me. I guess I expected toppings to be piled randomly on the pizza; this pie everything was spaced just too perfectly. It tasted close to NY pizza, but I felt as if it really was Hollywood NY pizza--good, but not quite there. Will go back if in the area, but probably will stick to Tony's NY in San Marino cuz it's closer to home.

      2. Finally tried today. Good god, finally, some real NY-style pizza in L.A. that isn't swimming in grease. Had a veggie slice and a meatball/jalapeno slice. Perfect crust, perfect sauce. These guys know they're making good food; they were all super friendly. Brought cannoli home, which reminds me, I gotta go eat it...

        1. We were there last Thur between L & D , very good just like when it was on Vermont. The owner laughed when I said the slices look like they have ED (cut crooked). Definitely worth a visit!

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            I went to Vito's for the first time last night. I had the Pizza Margherita with garlic and claims added. I thought the toppings were very fresh and good and Vito is certainly a friendly host. However, the crust, which others here have described as chewy with a slight crispness, is too soggy for me. I like crisp crust and have never cared for a pizza slice that you can fold up and shoot down your throat. Maybe this means I don't like NY pizza, I don't know.

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