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Apr 16, 2007 12:14 PM

I'm getting into Shershah ...

I love Indian food, for many years it was my absolute favorite cuisine.

East India Grill (under the original management) was my favorite. I used to eat there three times a week. I had birthday parties there. But I don't go there anymore.

Switched to Chandni during my vegan days. Still like it, but it's not convenient.

Went to Akbar for years -- like it -- but decided it was too expensive. Sort of lost my taste for it.

So, I've gone without for a while.

One thing about Indian food I don't like is the presentation in some places. It can be sort of "piles of food" style. I really liked the presentation at EIG and at Akbar, they made the food look good.

Now, I'm getting into Shershah in the Marina. I've been stuck on a couple of dishes and need to branch out.

I've been getting a Sag (something with spinach, usually chicken) and a vindaloo (lamb or chicken) with some naan and maybe some vegetable pakoras.

I order my food hot. First time, it wasn't hot enough and I mentioned it and they said I need to tell them how hot, because a lot of Americans say hot and then the food is too hot. So, this time I said really hot, not American hot and I had a great burn.

I need to go there for the lunch buffet, which sort of defeats the presentation notion but it's cheaper and I can try different things. Nice people in there, too.

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  1. I am with you I really like Shershah. The people are nice and while the atmosphere could use some work the food is good and they will make it as spicy as you can handle it. Plus they have a decent selection of India Beer as well. One other place to try is Anapurna on Venice in Culver City. South Indian food (veggie) but they make one killer dosa!

    1. Paul, have you tried the mango chicken at Shershah? I tried a bit from their buffet one time and was pleasantly surprised. I agree - the folks at Shershah seem genuinely nice and the atmosphere could use a little boost.