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Apr 16, 2007 12:10 PM

soapstone cookware

Here is your thread for questions, opinions, advice and general discussion of soapstone cookware. I know next to nothing, so practically anything would be helpful. Don't hold back!

Who has it?

Who likes it?

What are the most useful pieces in soapstone? The most useless?

What do you use it for?

What have your experiences been with seasoning it? With keeping it seasoned?


link with lotsa soapstone pots and griddles and stuff:

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  1. I do not have it - but being made of stone I see really two issues with cooktop use-

    1) I do not see that it will heat evenly - this will cause hot spots when trying to cook potentially burning the food - this why in Stainless Steel pans you usually have a layer of copper or aluminum to distribute the heat evenely

    2) from the website you will have to use a trivet of some sort on the burner so that the heat is evenly diffused or else you can crack the cookware -

    For oven use it is probably great - will act like clay - hold heat well and work well with slow cooked dishes like stews, braised meats etc.