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Apr 16, 2007 11:48 AM

What to order at Dylan Prime?

Is it known for any particular cuts of beef? Any appetizers, sides, or desserts that are particularly note-worthy?


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  1. All of their cocktails are fantastic! I always enjoy the filet there and their creamed spinach.

    1. the fondue app (with the beef tips) is great... as well as the lobster / truffle mac n' cheese. haven't been there enough to be sure which cut of beef is renowned. filet mignon was tasty.

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      1. re: thievery

        Do not get the house special Carpet Bagger steak. This is supposed to be a Filet suffed with oysters in a Guiness brown gravey. Sounds great right. Ends up being a butterflied filet with 2, thats right 2 oysters sitting on top. The Guiness brown gravey turns out to be beef stock. All for a reasonable $42. I would avoid the place all together. Service is terrible.

      2. I've been to Dylan Prime twice - and both times I had a great filet. The fondue appetizer is also very good. The cocktails are very creative and you should definitely try one!