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Apr 16, 2007 11:39 AM

The new Wal-Mart in Richmond at Hilltop Mall ... so spit on me

The reason this is here is because they carry some food items I haven't seen at other Wal-Marts ... or other markets.

They have a nice selection of Mexican sodas, some of which are not too common ... didn't copy all the names down. However, I fell in love wih Topo-Chico mineral water which is 50 cents a bottle.

One of the things to note on the Mexican sodas is that most use cane sugar. There's one brand that starts with a 'C' ... non carbonated ... which is hard to find in Mexico City. One co-worker used to swoon everytime he found it. I think it is an aquaired taste.

They have a good selection of the new upscaled Hershey chocolate at 1/2 the price I've seen elsewhere. They don't have the single source chocolates yet, but they have the others and the truffles.

Be careful. They also carry some Hershey's I've never seen before. It seems that for some varieties, Hershey is using vanillan. I bought some squares of mixed dark chocolate and cranberries, blueberries and almonds ... Hershey's seems determined to go after the health aspects of of chocolate.

The squares with the dried fruits/nuts were only ok and didn't taste as good as raisonettes. The fruit was too finely ground and didn't add much in flavor. The plain squares of 60% cocoa were fine.

They had organic Smuckers strawberry jam and organic Adams peanut butter. However, the food selection is mainly standard brands. They do carry Breyers ice cream for $3 a half gallon (not on sale).

The store is really exhausting it is so big (three stories). I didn't wander into the mall because that door was closed. Any good food there?

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  1. It's been a long time for me, but I recall the mall food options being so non-great that I ended up at the Chevy's just up the hill from the mall. *sigh*

    A short drive would take you to Pinole, though. If Won Thai is still open (right off of one of the major highway exits), it's great. Try the Hanuman Klug Foon: a kind of basil chicken in cream sauce, almost like a standard curry but a bit sweeter.

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      " spit on me" That is so hilarious. I've not heard it before. Can I use it?

      1. re: Sam Fujisaka

        Sure. It is just so pc incorrect to shop at Wal-Mart to many people. Unfortunately it is in a mall that has long, long ago seen its best days. I swear at one time this was a decent mall. I was curious to see what was the just-opened Wal-Mart was like.

        Wal-Mart might actually revitalize that mall. Looking around there really doesn't seem to be food in the mall other than a pretzel vendor. The restauarants immediatly around the area are so pathetic that they haven't interested me enough to walk in the door.

        I've read a few good things about Tokyo Restaurant,but I'm just not that into Japanese food. One of these days I'll put that on my list of cuisines to get serious about.

        There's a all you can eat for $7 Chinese Buffet called East Buffet that had people milling outside the door. My impression is that the price is the appeal. The look of the place crosses my cheesiness line ... and that really says alot.

        Then as merle said, there are a few chains like Chevy's. It's not there isn't decent food in nearby areas, just doesn't seem that way right in the mall or around that area. Wal-Mart doesn't even seem to sell bad hotdogs and plastic cheese nachos. However, I never made it to the third floor ... it was just too much ... Wal-Mart.

        However, if I don't see it in any other little markets in the area, that Topo-Chico mineral water is reason enough for me to go back. The Hershey prices are good, but I'll spend the buck more to buy it at my local Raley's.

        1. re: rworange

          I was at Hilltop on its opening day. It was a decent mall. Not fantastic but way better than what was there at the time. However, it never had great food.

    2. I wouldn't do that to you.

      Besides, I went to Wal-Mart once.

      1. I don't live in the US. For me a stop at WalMart, Target, Safeway, or even KMart is an appreciated godsend when I briefly pass through the US.