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Apr 16, 2007 11:29 AM

A week of DC Eating

My parents came to visit me in DC, and as an unpaid intern, I was pleased to take the opportunity to go to some good restaurants! We are generally unfussy eaters, with the exception of one sister who is a little harder to please. Choosing where to eat was difficult-I changed my mind constantly! But here is a summary of where we went:

Old Ebbitt Grill: I know it's not the most popular place, but it was pretty perfect for what we wanted-it was close to our hotel, which was good as my parents had flown in from the UK, and it served good, American food. I thought that the crab cakes were lovely.

Etete: as recommended on here. It was all of our first experience of Ethiopian food, and we all loved it. We ordered lentil sambusas to start and then shared the vegetarian plate and a selection of meat dishes. My favourite was the derek tibs, I think. I have since been to Meskerem in Adams Morgan, which was also good, but I think that Etete was better.

Oya: although not everyone raves about this place, we thought that the food and decor were perfect, although it was very empty. We shared a selection of sushi dishes, some small plates, and some edamame and udon noodles. The best thing was probably the seabass on oxtail. No need for a knife!

Central: Fantastic space, great food, wonderful service. Shrimp burger was amazing, as was the pear sorbet. Everything we tried was delicious, and I loved the homemade mayo.

Jaleo: we stuck to tapas, and it was great (we all love Spanish food). We had quite a good selection, the service was prompt, and everything tasted good. Patatas bravas could have been hotter!

Fogo de Chao: soo much food, but both the salad bar and the meat were delicious. Especially the filet minion. I'd love to go back, but I'm not sure that any of us interns will be paying $45...

All in all, a pretty good week!

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  1. Good observation about the patatas bravas at Jaleo. They serve an odd, non-spicy version. I'm not about to complain, because I do love the sauce they come with. but they are surprisingly tame. If you ever make it to Taberna del Alabardero for Happy Hour 3pm - 7pm, tapas are half price and include a traditional spicy version of patatas bravas and an excellent pate de conejo (rabbit).

    1. Sounds like you did a great job of selecting places for your family.
      I think that Fogo de Chao still has lunch priced comfortably under $30 (maybe $25?) which might make it a good choice for a special splurge for hungry interns. You could do some serious damage at that price.

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        Really? That would be great-I know some hungry British guys who would be very pleased to pay that!